k, so what about the opposite?

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Posted by Alli from ? ( on Wednesday, March 27, 2002 at 10:02AM :

In Reply to: The Gelded Bull and Chastity posted by panch from adsl-64-160-45-125.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net ( on Wednesday, March 27, 2002 at 8:58AM :

: The game of Rapo (ray-po) described a man or woman who is continually presenting themselves as able, ready and willing to hop in the sack. It is the sex goddess thing...always pouting, always mosit and juicy always on the prowl. The reality of course is the opposite...as most men have agreed that sex goddesses are depressing and dysfunctional bedmates...who have no intention or desire to deliver on the promise they make. It's a game in which the other person is being duped into believing what HE needs to believe...that all this silver and creamy lusciousness is directed at HIM...brought on almost against the woman's will be some magnificent and irresistable thing about HIM.

xxx what about those people who like to project personalities, such as "rapo," on someone they want to sack? happened to me. here's the example: when i moved to my current location, one boy & his friends in medical school were so interested in me that they decided to bother me every chance they got. i'm not "bragging" or whatever it is you like to say about me, Mr. Parhad. this one boy, in particular, decided to sit in front of my apartment door until i got home from lab most nights of the week. i agreed to hang out with him a few times, but when he wanted more than a kiss, i refused. he called me frigid, & i told him, "hell, just call me a tease, if you want. i'm NOT interested in you in THAT way." i thought i was rid of him. well, his friends all tried to go out with me, too, & since he told them all where i live, pretty soon i was avoiding my apartment until late at night when i had to go to sleep, ignoring knocks on my door, & screening my phone calls. this continued until they found the next chick to compete over. so what about that, Mr. Parhad, huh? that's the story of my life since undergrad - avoiding agressive, overly-competitive men, while trying to assert my SELF. it's not that i'm any more "attractive" than any other female, it's just that i happen to be surrounded by boys & men who sniff out my vulnerabilities & attempt to prey on them. & they compete with each other. i have nothing to do with it - switch out the "prize" & they prolly wouldn't notice - they just want "x" woman. THAT is what i was getting at. i'm sick & tired of denying that i'm female just so that men will leave me alone. & i'm sick & tired of worrying that if i say, "in fact, i'm NOT male, so that makes me female," that men will think that i'm trying to say that i'm "available." i've even gone to extent, a few times, of telling men that i think i'm a lesbian so that they'll leave me alone. just ask some of these medical students who were "interested" (in what? i'm sure it was not really me that they were interested in, you know) - most of them think i'm a lesbian, & that's the way that it's going to be.

-- Alli
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