the great ezs and his 20 foot long bell end

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Posted by .::ezs from ( on Wednesday, March 27, 2002 at 12:33PM :

In Reply to: The Gelded Bull and Chastity posted by panch from ( on Wednesday, March 27, 2002 at 8:58AM :

: "Gelded" is such a nice word for castrated, or "got no balls anymore". I had to get a Horse Castrator device. God what a mean looking thing. It's all stainless steel and made in Germany, figures. Looks like nothing more than a very big, very shiney set of pliers with a looped end and a crimper and one wicked looking curved blade don't want to know. I plan on being in the next county when the thing has to be used. I was afraid to hold it even for fear it would drop, bounce and well...some accidents are hard to explain.

: I know you wouldn't need anywhere near anything that size to geld our heroes. After centuries of genetic engineering we manage to produce them gelded at birth or soon thereafter. A good shout from a maiden aunt will geld most Assyrian boys. If that doesn't do it riding a bicycle hard will produce the same result.

: While the Jews can point to a long history of abuse and weakness, they at least have the satisfaction of grabbing the world by its ears now....just fifty years after they were almost hunted out of existence. We, the mighty Assyrian Ducks, on the other hand, have only seen our fortunes decline until we are reduced to dancing around a Jackster or a Golani and PROUD to do so!

: Jackie wants a million bucks for slander. I think that's too low. As long as she isn't going to get anything, why not ask for more...why not really be "effective" and frighten me with a billion or a trillion? Whassamatter, her chastitites aren't worth that much?

: She says I have "impugned" her chastity or maligned it or something. I never said she sleeps around. I said I heard good and credible stories from sources who could know that there was good cause to suspect her of making Assyrian policy based on her pooter....on what it gets and doesn't get.

: I never said I had any truck with the woman in that way. Even made clear that I didn't think she was actually interested in consummating anything...that I can't imagine her in that position, no not THAT one. She strikes me as too dry and tight of a person.

: She's another classic example of "Rapo". That's a term from Dr. Eric Burns' book, "Games People Play", of a few years back. It was all the rage on campuses for awhile...we were all big on "games"...such as in, "Hey man, quit your game playing". The good doctor listed several behaviors he'd indentified, most of them bad ones that kept people from being authentic enough so they'd know who was to answer the door when reality came knocking.

: The game of Rapo (ray-po) described a man or woman who is continually presenting themselves as able, ready and willing to hop in the sack. It is the sex goddess thing...always pouting, always mosit and juicy always on the prowl. The reality of course is the most men have agreed that sex goddesses are depressing and dysfunctional bedmates...who have no intention or desire to deliver on the promise they make. It's a game in which the other person is being duped into believing what HE needs to believe...that all this silver and creamy lusciousness is directed at HIM...brought on almost against the woman's will be some magnificent and irresistable thing about HIM.

: It's Jackie's game to a T.

muahshahsa you like it like that dont you big boi!

sliding my purple helmit into your small loose ass.

-- .::ezs
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