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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Thursday, March 28, 2002 at 8:53AM :

Let's get some things straight...as I'm sure Jackster is telling people whatever she needs to in order to justify herself. There is NO restraining order against me...give me a BREAK! Like I threatened the woman personally and physically??? Anyone who believes that is beyond hope. There's also no "restraining order" in place. Restrain me from WHAT...talking? What Turkey of the mind do these people live in?

I have every right imaginable to discuss the woman's ass in public or anywhere else. The "case" hasn't come to trial yet, and never would, so it's not like any judge or official anywhere even knows we exist. Did people think the police order people not to TALK??? What country do yous people think you live in anyway?

I don't make physical threats...it is demeaning, means you "lost" it already, like hanging up the phone on people, and is far too crude. It isn't anywhere near as effective anyway as the other options open to me. If I did such a thing I would lose all credibility....deservedly so. I don't play "dirty"...just give back better than I got.

These leeders of ours are so accustomed to get away with outrage after outrage they don't know what to do when they come up against the word "NO".

I will hoist Jackie up in the air on her own petard (look it UP!), undress her any way I want...present her privates to all who have the stomach for it...and have my way with her. I warned her the first time she lied to cover herself not to do it again. This is "again" and this is what she gets.

It isn't much of a monumental task to expose these people...but it's the only work of that nature left to me. It's my parting shot. To tie myself up in court would be a mistake. No one can represent me in this matter better than I can. I had no desire to "settle" for anything from the outset...and if I can't have them in court, I'll get them in the only court that really matters, the one of Public Opinion.

Jackie has already perjured herself in the suit...I know it and soon every member of her club will know it as well. I told the truth here, not slander...she was the one who invented things and spread them around and kept me from earning my living.

If we don't get over this hurdle, all else is in vain. We are opposed NOWHERE...only by these leeders and others so consumed with envy they would kill us to save themselves.

I am an outlaw, always have been, always will be. It doesn't matter what you think of me...as you wouldn't care what your surgeon wears to bed at night. For really important work, you want the best person for the job. You can twitter and titter all you want to about what the person does in his spare time...but so long as he does the job you actually want him to do...mature people in other ethnic groups leave the rest out of it. With us it's ass backwards. We judge a person on the most irrelevant criteria we can find.

The "sculptor" Jackie touted as being vewy vewy good, therefore rendering my presence at the convention redundant, tells you all you'd need to know about how she judges what is "good" for you Chitlin babies. If that wasn't contemptuous enough I don't know what would be. Only, you'd have to have some sense of pride, or self-worth in order to BE insulted, and we have hardly any...not really! We talk a great game, because talk is cheap and so are we. We don't TALK about Rolex watches and German Army Staff cars...we go GET them with every last ounce of our souls. We only TALK "pride" cause we have no idea where to go for it, or how to get it, or how to earn it and keep it and build upon it...so we buy what we can of pride, at a discount.

How could 80,000 Assyrians in Chicago refuse to step forward and support the installation of an Assyrian Monument the entire friggin Public Art Council of Chicago wants and has waited six years for that one idiot to get out of their way so they could honor us by installing...a couple of blocks from this country's most prestigious center for the study of Assyriology...then march each year down King Sargon Block behind a cardboard and sequined chariot with a Woolworth Queen in it drawn by three hairy apes in soccer uniforms?

I'll tell you how...because we have been encouraged to aim LOW all of our time in this country, while every other ethnic group quickly figures out how to get their fair share, we are enthralled by geegaws and vacuous visions of our "greatness"...while all the while we behave in actuality like the Asses we are afraid we have to be.

Jackster and the rest of them do NOT want the bar raised...they don't want excellence at all, quite the opposite. These people are leaders because they manage some spare time...it's a hobby with them, something to do to fill the empty spaces or to avoid family or the television set. They are no match for any professional...and I am a professional Assyrian.

If I approached sculpture the way they do "Assyria"...I'd be a horrible amateur who wouldn't dare approach any city or gallery with my work. It would mean I was busy doing something else all day and most of the time...finding an hour or two here and there to "play" at sculpture. What would I produce that would stack up against the work of people working round the clock their entire lives to make sculpture? Xactly, I'd be about as good a sculptor as Jackie is a "leeder".

If they manage to break my back, as they've just about finished me off in the community...you'll understand why you would never hear Andre Aghassi talk about being Assyrian. And it would be a long long time before another Assyrian decides to bring his or her professional skils and vision to lay at the community's feet...to have them stomped on.

-- pancho
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