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Posted by panch from ( on Thursday, March 28, 2002 at 7:17PM :

I asked myself years ago and still don't have an answer for..."Is there any point in being Assyrian in the modern era? Is it an it a futile it unecessasry and irrelevant, a designer it a diversion, a sandbox to build castles in? What is the point?

And don't tell me about being Christian and believing in your Lord Jesus Christ...go ahead, but that isn't the same thing.

If no one hounded and harrassed Jews for 2000 years, if there had been a way out, would they have taken it, or did they decide to make the best of a situation they couldn't change. Remember that the Inquisition was set up to hound the Jews who'd been forced into Christianty, the Coversos, cause the greedy Church and the grasping Princes and Kings STILL didn't believe them...didn't believe they were "sincere" in their forced conversions...Duh!

We have always had a way out, and we've been taking it steadily and increasingly. The more the Christians among us holler for "their" country to be returned to them, the more they get chased out by the Muslims there for our dependence on Western Christianity...not a great "friend" to save us.

If we are slated to all become Americanized Christians in time, losing any semblance of what we were, especially as paranoia about Terrists increases and gringos STILL can't tell Texas from Delaware on a map, let alone tell a Monophysite from a Monoplane...what's the point, and maybe that's why there doesen't SEEM to be any point, or much passion for it either.

-- panch
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