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Posted by Jeff from ( on Friday, March 29, 2002 at 3:06PM :

In Reply to: Hello from delightful Dohuk! posted by sankho from ? ( on Friday, March 29, 2002 at 2:08PM :

: Wow!
: Having first landed in Dubai and witnessed a 'Western' Eastern culture [the UAE may as well be 'United America in the East'], we were absolutely dumbfounded by Syria's poverty. The air is so thick with pollution, I'm STILL blowing black snot.... I dreaded the idea that it would only be downhill from there and that Dohuk, our first stop in Iraq would be poorer...I was WRONG!!

: Dohuk is gorgeous....a small city surrounded by dramatic mountains and jagged stony hills right on the city's edge, Dohuk is a jewel of a city in our motherland. It has the potential to be an exemplary city for the rest of the Middle East, with Assyrian and Kurd living side by side in peace. Fred, you're right, all that stupid propaganda you hear from Westerners about Assyrian-Kurd problems is, for the most part, just that--stupid propaganda that does more harm than good.

***** DOC, Take some pictures with that expensive camera of yours... please??

: The guys here are so friendly and loving, you feel as if youre part of a huge family. I had goosebumps for about two hours from the time we got into the wobbly boat to cross the Diglat to when we were greeted by a line of smiling Zowaa members to when we finally settled in the hotel that evening.

: We'll be renting a little house and staying for 6 months...our sleeves are rolled up and we're ready to work!

***** HOLY HOT TAMELES!! 6 Months??? Can I visit??? Man, school's out on less than 2 months. I'm really serious guys. That's amazing.

***** I have an idea for you two... you should make some sort of documentary, or keep some sort of journal or logbook that you can print up, or publish along with pictures, etc... put it in Nakosha or we can make a web page about it or something... what do you say?

***** If you want you can post your thoughts here and I'll compile them all for you.

: Fred, we asked about the factory...things are looking good..we were assured that there are plenty of suitable locations, in fact theres a guy here who works in a studio, uses the clay dug right out of the ground in his village..we will be taken to his village and meet up and discuss things with him...full reports to follow.

: Dohuk internet is fast! Thanks for shortening the page if you can Jeff, itll help!!

**** Doc, I shortened it, but I'll shorten it some more if it will make it easier for you two to post.

: Pooshon pshena [this place is also the best place to improve your Syriac]

: Akhoonokhoon Sankho

-- Jeff
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