Tragedy All Around

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Posted by panch from ? ( on Friday, March 29, 2002 at 5:36PM :

Had the Jews of Europe not been hounded for at least 1000 years, culminating in the grandest Pogrom of them all, they never would have staked their survival on Palestine. If they had to be hated everywhere and hounded to death...better go do it in their ancient homeland. Most Assyrians would feel the same way.

The real tragedy is that the Christians of Europe did this to them, not the Arabs the MidEast Jews lived among. Yet the Zionists are essentially white Europeans, as racist as the people who taught them. To the Israelis an Arab is about as unworthy of decent treatment as a Jew was to the Germans, English, French, Austrian, Poles,Italians and Spanish, to name a few Christians.

The Palestinians, Muslim and Christian, are paying the price for Christian Europe's perfidy and blood lust...what else is new? When you brutalize a people you create brutal people who have no other way to understand weilding power, once it is in their hands, than they did when it was used against them.

Israel cannot rest within its borders. They too need Leibenschraum (never can spell those words) "Living Space". Beirut would be a crown jewel. The Jews plan ahead like no one else in the world. Left to themselves they have enough dissension and tension within their borders between whites and darkies to blow the place up. There is something to be said for having external enemies, and nothing has been invented better than Terrorists everywhere in you and around you.

As Shylock said..."I will better the instruction." Who first threw Jewish children into wells...burned them alive, took them from their parents, blamed them eternally for something none of them had a hand in and then used THAT flimsy pretext to commit the most atrocious crimes ever imagined? Is it entirely their fault they were well schooled in how to behave towards 'sub humans"?

Who doesn't deplore what the israelis are doing and have been doing? Who believes the ridiculous arguments they have been forced to concoct because the simple truth is too ugly for all to see? What does it matter what their god promised them to anyone else in the world? Yet what do they say to Christians when they are thrown out of their homes, rounded up and sent to death camps because that same goddamn book says it was THEIR fault Jesus was killed, and presents the Romans, the arch murderers of their day who, in such a sweet irony became the heirs of St Peter, as neutrals in a blood feud between Jews? How can they explain that to themselves, to their children? If Christians can give such a silly reason to kill and disposess people, why can't those people give an equally absurd argument for getting someone else's lands away from them?

The Jews were forced into this strait-jacket by years of abuse and discrimination...they must endure the sight of A Europe condemning their attacks against Palestinians that did nothing to help them in their hour of need, indeed acted the part of the happy executioner so well it is a wonder any of them were left alive.

None of this justifies what the Isrealis are now doing...none of it. But they aren't interested in justifications and have never much cared what others thought of could they, the opinions were so hurtful and inhumane? What maddens me most of all is that the same white man gets away with killing us in our homelands and setting the Jews the example and providing them with the resolutions and weapons to kill us all some more.

-- panch
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