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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Friday, March 29, 2002 at 10:33PM :

In Reply to: Re: Hello from delightful Dohuk! posted by panch from ? ( on Friday, March 29, 2002 at 2:27PM :

I know what people are thinking, will think, have thought: that I have a new and improved plan for getting rich selling Assyrian art objects. This time I've hit on the clever idea of setting up a factory in Iraq and EXPORTING ceramic vases...make a killing.

Why oh why are we put together like this? Good Lord, how difficult it is to believe we are descended from the ancients. What an effort it takes, what a strain on one's credulity and reason and right logic. I mean the Jews are kicking ass just as they did centuries and millenia ago...for a little while...and we are STILL getting ours kicked, also as we have done for millenia...and we're paying for it and paying the Israelis to help do it to us at the same time we ALSO pay them to protect themselves and improve their economy with our friggin taxes... a bare fraction of which we manage to begrudgingly send to Iraq for a roof or two, a well, three cisterns and a pot to piss ourselves away in.

Tell me, boys and girls, what is the one single and biggest difference between us and them...remembering that we are all Semites, have big noses and love a buck. Thasright...they remained faithful to their ancestral God while we dance ourselves into a frenzy trying to explain how one god is two, but sometimes three, who either came this way himself or through someone elses spirit...was made flesh or not...is holy in himself or through his spirit...got himself killed cause he insisted then went up to Heaven to himself and his mother who had the most gullible husband in history, who is held in secret contempt by most people I think for believing such a story..."Joe, I'm preganat and it was God's work, not yours. Yes dear."

Just the effort it takes to explain how Yahweh isn't really the father of Christ cause he changed his evil ways, even though as his old bloody self he relented in the case of Ishmael and Issac but even in his new and improved version insisted on the blood price for Jesus...and further that there is no real difference between Yahweh or Jesus or Ashur or Mike Mulligan for that matter...since they seem sort of alike, why not confuse one with the other? YOU walk into your neighbors house and get into bed with his wife and explain it all away by saying that the two women "look alike, so what the hell".

What do you say of the man or woman who leaves their parent's home to move in with the neighbors who promise them a mansion up there, up where they can't even SEE it yet... for ever and ever where they'll get all the goods they can't get from their real parents, fallen on hard times since they lost Ashur's Palace? Is that loyalty? Is it keeping faith...working through a difficulty together...is it an example of solidarity? If you abandon your family, might you not leave anyone else at any time for an even better reward...and haven't we done just that time and again with all of our smorgasbord of the ONE True religion?

How can such a person hope to prosper, cut off by his or her own hand from the family hearth and their ancestral legacy? We stood to inherit so much, and traded it in for what...a celestial promise none of us knows a damn thing about and were told of in a Jewish book by a Jew?.

Nothing else explains better for me, the sorry state we find ourselves in, nothing. That may be why we are forced to blame it on them nasty Muslims of 1000 and 500 and 68 years ago...why we have to remain victims of someone else...cause it's just too damn painful to admit we did it to ourselves.

It's Easter, I know. Go rejoice. "HE" is risen, and you are as low down as you ever were. Thanks a lot...from the kids.

-- pancho
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