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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Saturday, March 30, 2002 at 2:10PM :

In Reply to: I found this... posted by Jeff from ( on Saturday, March 30, 2002 at 1:25PM :

The Palestinians could easily take the moral high ground if they would just learn to play the game by new rules...right now they are playing by the wrong set of rules, so damn naive are they, and they are being trounced.

Israelis know how to frame the debate, how to write leters to editors. You can see the wheels in their heads turning, hear the gears, see the flaws in their arguments, the verbal tricks, the half truths the deceptive twists and it is ALL legal and RIGHT...just as it is done in advertising.

The Israelis have been selling a product, a point of view, a version of history. Whatever it is, they know how to package it and make it palatable for Western Christian tastes...THEM of all people, so roundly hated years ago, now the "darlings" of the people who still secretly hate them but are too cowed to say so openly.

Arabs, Palestinians, Assyrians, Chaldeans...none of us, have figured out how to sell our present and promote garner sympathy and get outrage working for us. We still think that to tell the unvarnished simple truth about an incident or a bar of soap, will be enough to convince someone to buy it or into it. It isn't...we are all Bozos and near scum on this earth and one bar of soap is about as good as another. That's another thing wrong with these three sisters from hell...they convince each party member that GOD and the RIGHT is on their side, and the simpleminded ones, Christians and Muslims more so than Jews, actually believe it...believe that to declare their "morally superior" position, even if it IS...will be enough...should be enough, for surely God will not reward the unjust and ungodly? But he does...all the time...and that's why they've never learned to help themselves by besting their 'enemies' at their own game...which is the only hope we have because we are so obviously out gunned in every other way...that to cripple ourselves further by being so fatally naive is about as deadly a thing as we could wish for.

-- pancho
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