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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Saturday, March 30, 2002 at 2:27PM :

>Fred u have no idea of what its like to live in those countries as an Assyrian. You will get no sympathy from me for any other people....oh and if u wanna be Palestinian, no one is stopping u. U are welcome. "Life is a fickle bitch"

+++Here we go again...if you criticize America you are a Communist, at least back you are a Terrorist and even a Palestinian. I have been more things to more people. I did live back there, back when a female slave was whipped to death by a Sheikha in Kuwait for being too beautiful...where the bombing of Port Said by the Brits killed hundreds of innocent civillians and almost got me killed as well by an angry mob of Muslim boys and men. I was in Baghdad when Feisal was killed in the revolution of '58. I lived in Kuwait, Iran and Iraq. What did I miss?

+++I know what it is to live here as an Assyrian, and it has been a shameful spectacle so far, I don't care how "welcome" you feel and how grateful you are to these good kind white Christians who have devastated those lands and our own people in the modern know, TODAY ...far more than any Muslims ever did 1000 years ago.

If you think the same people who wantonly kill Palestinian babies, many of them Christian as well...or who stand by and let it happen...will somehow rush to your rescue or show some consideration towards your children, then you are a bigger fool than even I would give you credit for.

They went after the obvious misfits in Germany at first...the ones all the "good" Germans could agree were undesirable and not worth any sympathy...and they changed the laws to streamline the process, and the good Germans said nothing, and some cheered as they saw the streets swept clean of the weak, the poor, the dark, the disgusted.

When they were done with all of them, they turned the new laws against the others they didn't like...and it was a long list...starting with the writers and intellectuals and outspoken ones who would warn the general populace that things were about to take an unhealthy turn...with those new "undesirables" gone they turned to the Jews, to Gypsies, to Homosexuals, to Christians with enough sense to be ashamed of short order they got around to everyone and anyone they had ever disliked for any reason whatsoever...and their final victim turned out to be all their good German fellow countrymen who had to witness their wives and daughters raped and mutilated by the armies of the invaders who had finally had enough...and the country was split in two and a wall built to keep them apart and starngers for generations.

It always starts in this way...against those whom you might feel don't deserve any protection...then one day it comes for you...after all, you approved of it, as you do now.

-- pancho
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