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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Sunday, March 31, 2002 at 9:34AM : go back somewhere and stop criticizing America....

You don't complain because you have a warm spot by the fire here...back home your level of education and skills kept you in the lower's a class thing. There are Muslims all over the world, in this country as well. No need to run from any of them. My grandfather was welcomed in Iraq, became a doctor to the Muslims as well as his own people and when the Assyrians there muddied the waters with their muddled heads...he was still able to send four sons and a daughter to Medical school while the rest of us were breaking rocks on roads and resenting it. Naturally there was envy and the Assyrians made it so that my grandfather couldn't practice medicine and our women were forced to get a Muslim finger up their privates instead.

My father was recruited by a Muslim government and became personal physician to the Al Sabah family and then Director of the Health Department of Kuwait. Many many Christians and Assyrians did well and still do in those countries. In the ghettos you obviously dwelt in, there was rough going for everyone, just as in this country Balcks kill Blacks and Mexicans rob Mexicans...all of them are econonmically disadvantaged. You and others like you, were stuck at the lower end of the socio-economic scale where everyone was screwing everyone, regardless of religion or any other cause except poverty of purse and mind and soul. You just decided to make a "noble" thing out of it and your piss ass poor churches encouraged you to believe you were being held down because of your darling religion and NOT because you were poor in mind and pocket.

If you had bad breath and couldn't get a decent job or wife, you'd turn around and claim that Bad Breath was an inherent and enobling feature for which Muslims and others were Keeping you DOWN...and how dare they and where is the United Nations to protect you!!!

In Chicago today nobody is keeping anybody down. The Jews have hospitals and orchestras and schools and the Poles and Germans have museums and the Assyrians have one dillapidated block and a basement museum worth ten cents. Yet you all still play the victim's part and blame Muslims of 500 years ago for the embarrassing and mean spirited showing you make in the world today.

There were Germans very happy with Germany in 1939. I am not a dog...a warm spot at a Master's feet is not what I crave. Freedom means nothing if you can't walk up to the preisdent of this country and tell him he stole the election. It's just that you have been used to living in a vise all your life, kept there by your own obvious liabilities which you have ever blamed on others..and think you are in heaven now because you can serve a white man master. Some of us got here earlier and know a "priviliege" from a right.

With any luck, someday your children might understand what being an American, in the real sense of the word, really means. Faithful dogs exist in Zimbabwe and Mongolia as well as in Chicago.

-- pancho
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