In Which Our Hero is Furher Told...

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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Sunday, March 31, 2002 at 10:03AM :

>Again I say to you Fred. What have you done?

+++Your ignorance is not my problem...educate yourself as to what has gone on around you.

And again...You have no idea as to what you are talking about

+++Is that supposed to end the about this, "you have no idea how to match colors"?

You do not understand the reasons for my leaving, nor the circumstances by which I left.

+++Just whose fault is that? For over a year I have been revealing myself, my life, my work, my hopes and frustrations,,,just as any American in this country feels comfortable doing...that's how we learn about people and ourselves. If you want to keep every insignificant as well as meaningful thing about you a State Secret...that's your can we know what no one will tell us? Some people get so scared out of their wits they feel they have to hide all their lives...I don't scare easily. I got plenty of beatings at the hands of Muslims...I don't blame Islam for that...just violent thugs as we have in Christianity and Judaism and Hinduism and Confucianiam and Buddhism etc...these are no reasons of die of fright every morning you wake up.

Mayhaps I left as a child orphan because my parents were killed by your "innocent muslim arab, turk, kurd" friends...

+++This trick of speech tells all I need to know. How many orphans do you suppose your "friends" the Christians have you personal loss supposed to form State Policy or Ideology? Just how significant do you think you are? People who have nothing and are nothing have to compensate by imagining their losses and their gains and their pet peeves and petty talents are everything in the world and much much greater than they actually are. Your persistance in believing that anyone who criticizes you, America, Velveeta cheese, Kool-Aid, etc MUST be an enemy, a Muslim a Pakistani etc shows the poverty of your mind and how little you understand where you are living now. In your head Mayhaps you are still in Turkey and will never get out.

>No Fred. You are a child with a very naive view of the world.

+++Oh stuff it...YOU are the ones in the Diapers. This naive child got a grant from the Federal government and a license to run his own treatment facility for juveniles and a survival camp at 23...this "kid" also raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to create the first Assyrian monument in 2500 years...this "babe" has been on American television and radio in debate and discussion about Juvenile Delinquency with "experts" in the field before he was 30...and this baby got a college in Los Angeles to grant him a public debate with one of their professors at which he behaved himself...what the hell are you talking about?

You think a protest consists of a few hippies chasing a dog and calling him a "bad boy"...the life of an Assyrian in the current Middle East does not bode well for your people.

+++I was never a hippie. I don't "protest"...have never and never would show up at a rally carrying a sign for chrissakes...I DO something. Whatever those people were, they forced a president out of office and brought an end to a disgraceful war, though they now stand by and allow a worse one to take place. They also created the culture that swept the planet and probably gave you the "idea" to grow your hair a bit longer.

+++No in the MidEast does not bode well? How could it when you numbskulls are once AGAIN wetting all over yourselves to get this Christian country to bomb more of our Homelands? YOU try advocating further attacks on America by your family members back in Iraq or Turkey or Syria and see how things "bode" for them back there!

If you think Assyrians should stay there....although u as an intellectual know each life is different, then why do you not go back and live there? I know many Assyrians who have gone back. Please...I will pay your fare. Then tell me how you are treated.

++++I don't have to go anywhere anyone thinks I should. Being new to America and clean sheets as well, you probably don't understand the role of the "loyal opposition". You grew up in and dwell in a Turkey of your head. To you, dissent of any kind means you had better pack up your pots and pans and move to another planet because where you grew up it wasn't least not in the ways you would have liked. It isn't that way here...or shouldn't be. I understand that you guys feel most comfortable in a Forum where you can call on the authorities to"remove" what is offensive, JUST like the governments you grew up in, even though back there you were the ones most often removed. You believe that freedom in America means you can FINALLY be the ones to remove what YOU don't like. That's the danger in getting political freedom before you understand freedom as a principle to be cherished...which has at its core the RIGHT to challenge the government and the institutions where you ARE and not go somewhere else to live.

++I'll stay where I am...go where I want to, when I want to, and I'll prove how loyal an American I am by challenging America to live up to its ideals and not be bought and sold by a handful of international businessmen who have subverted this nation and made it the greatest purveyor of Terror and violence and death the world has ever seen.

-- pancho
-- signature .

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