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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Sunday, March 31, 2002 at 11:16AM :

>>How likely do you think it is that Hamas, the PLO or the Al Aqsa Brigade would support the Assyrians in their quest for a homeland in what currently is a land controlled by A-rabs?

+++Why should they? Are Assyrians being singled out for brutal treatment by any Muslim state the way the Palestinians are getting the crap kicked out of them by the Israelis and Americans? Has the United Nations repeatedly told anyone to stop stealing Assyrian lands? Does the world, does Chicago, even KNOW the Assyrians exist? The Palestinians are facing what we faced...okay...they are reacting in ways quite different than any of us ever have. They are laying their lives on the line...when is the last time Assyrians anywhere did anything about anything anyhow??? You guys were afraid to go out after 9/11 and wouldn't attend a DEBATE in the "war zone" of Los Angeles, Burbank, prune juice capitol of the world, to defend yourselves against the WORDS of a nutty professor.

>>Isn't what happened to them - what happened to us?

+++Isn't what they are doing about it NOT what we ever did about it? Are the Palestinians looking to the Brits or Americans to save them? They know who is behind all of this...and they ask their brothers, their co-religionists, even though many Palestinians are Christians...they know better than to look to the West for support...they look to fellow Muslims...maybe if Assyrian Christians had been less hysterical over their religion and more concerned for their countries, we wouldn't be wetting ourselves now...or so damn ashamed we are still a secret.

>>Why do the A-rabs cry about a tiny patch of land stolen by Jews - but at the same time they fail to consider the thousands of square miles they stole?

+++Same reason America and Europe tried to kill all the Jews then decided to use them instead. Power politics. If people can keep what they is theirs. The Palestinians are fighting and dying to keep their land...when did we do the same?

Everyone from Berber to Copt to Armenian to Kurd to Greek to Serb to Assyrian has been displaced by Arabs and Muslims.

+++Asabs and Muslims have been robbed and beaten and displaced by Christians...they have nowhere to run to, no white masters to fawn all over or go live among...they have NO alternative but to fight or Christian Assyrians, on top of believing and siding with the white Christians can come running here for protection and a job...Palestinians have not been allowed to do that easily...and many do not want FIGHT for what you want, you build and don't piss and moan.

>>If the rule is that the sword conquers - what difference does it make if the sword is Muslim or Christian or Jewish?

+++America's sword is killing enough of our people. If it is right for America to do it, as it was for the Brits to do it...why can't Muslims do it. The Muslims have not attacked any Western countries in hundreds of years...the bombing of Port Said was just fifty years ago. It is your white Christian Westerners, the ones you hide among and egg on and pay to kill for you, who have taught Muslims the way, as they taught American Natives how to scalp people.

>>I'll shed a tear for the Palestinian cause when they are ready to return the favor and support our Homeland "Crusade."

+++They haven't asked you for a damn thing...your tears have been useless for you, what would they want them for. Keep your tears...and keep the bullets and bombs you send to us over there.

>>In the meantime - what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Tell the Arabs to return the land they stole from everyone else - and THEN we can cry for the Palestinians.

+++No one returns one gives land back...they never have and never will. You are used to receiving Food Stamps and other forms of Welfare...naturally you want someone to issue you some Pride coupons and a country as well. The Palestinians are fighting...with rocks and bottles and a few guns against an army supplied by the greatest merchant of Death the world has today. They are earning the admiration of the world for their courage and heroism...while you proud Assrins of Chicago can't go against ONE old coot of your own who has blocked an attempt made by THE CITY to honor us all. Keep your tears for the sorry sight you make.

>>Parhad - don't bother replying. We already know who you cry about the most. You'd be far happier that the Palestinians get their land back than if your own people would.

+++I'd be happier if Americans could see what has happened to their country. I'd be happier if all who fight today would stop. I'd be happy if countries behaved like they expect their citizens to, according to Law. But they don't. The Palestinians and the Assyrians and many others have lost their lands. I will admire anyone who fights for their rights, especially against great odds. What do we do with crybabies such as yourselves who can't even tolerate an "answer"?

>>Never mind. Your own people are all of the Iraqis. Therefore you already have a homeland. How silly of me! (twink, twink)
>>Mar Polous Tleeqa
>Get a life you hateful Assyrian!!!!!!!!!!!

+++The Iraqi people carry within themselves and their borders all that remains that is true and honorable and good and decent of Assyrian blood and our Heritage. Assyrians NEVER behaved the way you people do in your Diapers...crying and pissing and moaning and rubbing your wounds raw and blinding and crippling your children so you'll get more alms and pity in the marketplace like the beggars of Tunisia.

+++It is you who encourage this country, you hope, to destroy what you lost, what you can't have, what you can't get handed over to you, like you deserve anything more than the back of anyone's hand. Your kind of "Assyrian" has gotten just what he deserved...a nobler breed would not be afraid of phone calls and deny their own given names and manufacture brave titles and generally act like the rankest cowards this earth has had to witness. Would that you were one tenth the woman a Palestinian girl is.

-- pancho
-- signature .

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