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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Sunday, March 31, 2002 at 2:44PM :

...stores are open, business as usual...you wouldn't even know it was a Christian holiday. It's about time. Not everyone believes in this stuff...the rest of us in this nominally secular land don't appreciate having the fairy tales of 2000 years ago thrust down our throats. Why can't you people, Jews, Christians and Muslims...keep your religions to yourselves? Do we have a single holiday for Ashur that shuts down anything or discommodes the rest of you in any way? Whassamtter...so unsure of your "true" selves you have to keep pushing this stuff?

It should come as a relief to all Christians everywhere, fake or real, to know we can all finally drop the charade. This is no Christian country in any sense of the word...as you all admit. It is a militaristic, money-mad land in which the killing and murder we have spread around the world has come home to infect us in increasing numbers and instances. No other People in the world committ this much mayhem behind white picket fences and pious facades than do these people in Christian and white America.

First time I went to Mexico, Narsai told me to be careful...in MEXICO! When at the time we were standing in the murder capital of the United States...Oakland, California...in the murder capital of the world...America. He had a lot more to worry about than I ever did.

Now some bright bulb is going to tell me to go live somewhere else...just because he got scared out of his wits in Turkey. Countries change...at one time in America the United States Congress was the only entity that could declare a war. That ended with Korea...a "police action" and Vietnam, which was one man's war if ever there was one...all the way til today when we've decided to battle the entire world, wherever someone does not appreciate the weird definition of "Liberty" or "Freedom" and "Democracy" we just recently re-defined to mean the unbridled lust after whatever we think will help a few zillionaires make it through the night...

This is a recent trend...or at least it's more out in the open than before...which is good in a way because many Americans will maybe wake up and save this country from the abuse of its laws and magnificent Constitution these cynnical creeps have learned to manipulate and modify and ignore and subvert so readily by using our very trust and freedoms against us.

Some of us think that if only we slobber and bow low enough we will convince this masterkiller to "give" us something. You bet!

The spectacle of a "Christian" nation...a "Democratic" and freedom loving and liberty spewing country riding Iraqi children to death and starvation for 13 years is about as sickening a thing as has been seen in a long time. The only thing more mean and low down is the few of our own people who seek to cover up their own inadequacies and feebleminded sense of what they think pride is, by cheering all of this on to satisfy their own humiliation at the hands of their Muslim neighbors at the expense of that Holy Land of ours, NOT Bethlehem but Ashur and Nineveh and Dur Sharrukin, and the poor innocent people caught in the middle...OUR people...more "ours" than that red-neck in Texas or Florida.

No wonder they forced you out...you aren't fit to exist anywhere BUT in the America of George Dubya Bush...for now.

-- pancho
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