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Posted by panch from ? ( on Sunday, March 31, 2002 at 8:01PM :

>Dear Sargon
>Don't even bother with this guy.

+++Obviously this "guy" has struck a nerve or you wouldn't bother to write to tell yourself not to bother to write...all we need now is for you to get another name then bother to write to tell someone not to bother to write that someone shouldn't bother to write to me...who is obviously causing all three of you some "bother".

He cares more about the phalestinians, the Kurds, the Turks and Arabs than about Assyrians.

+++This guy has not made any monuments for anyone but Assyrians...not Christians, ASSYRIANS. His last two monuments were blocked and ruined not by Arabs or Kurds or Palestinians or evil Fairies but by devout and loyal Christians...parading around under the guise of Assyrians AND Chaldeans.

That is why he never supports the Assyrians cause but loves their persecuters .

+++Tell us what cause you support with active work and any efforts anyone has ever heard of. Talk is cheap, yours is at an even greater discount.

He calls himself Assyrian but he hates Assyrians, He lives in the United States but he hates United States that tells all about him.

+++No sir...I love what America stands for and what it can yet be, and what it has at times achieved...and I'm in good company. I doubt you know any American history at all. As for Assyrians...I tell you again that the only Assyrians in this world worth a damn are those either trying to preserve our Homelands from the inside, or trying to do it from the outside. You are neither...any church basement will do for you...could care less where it is.

If he is not just hot air he should go and live in Iraq, and Saudi Arabi or Turkey where he belongs otherwise he is nothing but a hypocrite.

++++This is a tired refrain...people said it and still say it whenever they want to be left in sole possession of what they have usurped. I belong wherever I am...

>Where in the hell was Fred when hundreds of Assyrian villages were being bombed by Saddam Hosain between 1963 to 1978 all their irrigation channels were destroyed and even trees were uprooted.

+++Where have you been the last 13 years? Who trained that nut and armed him and supports him still?

THousnads including women and children died.

+++How about 600,000 Iraqi children dead, enough of them Assyrian for you to "care" the last 13 years? You Christians say nothing about that because it is your darling Christians who do the killing. It isn't love for Assyrians that motivates is Hate for Muslims...who you either can't admit are your betters, or who bested you and you want to blame someone else and get someone else to wreak the vengeance on them you don't dare do yourself.

Where was he when the survivors had escaped into Turkey living in dreadfull conditions in refugee camps surviving on only by help fprovided to them by western nations? Where was he when Saddam Hosain and his army cleansed northern Iraq from Assyrians and the Kurds forcing them in the Middle of winter in snow and Ice to take refuge without any shelter or food on the border of Turkey?

+++Where have you been as thousands of Assyrians from around the world have helped those people and tried to improve relations between the Kurds that we have to live among if we are to stay there at all? Not everyone wants to live in Disneyland.

>Even today Assyrians are struggling for survival in many countries of the world because they fear being killed more than the economic and social hardship of living as refugees stranded in other countries hoping for a better life.

+++Hope in one hand and piss in the other...see which fills up faster. You are crybabies, that's all...who seek to enoble yourselves by making victims of each other forever. Assyrians are not the only ones who have suffered...your pain is no worse than that shared by millions of people the world over...go cry between your lattes to someone else.

Unlike the Phalestinians who have their own land on the west bank where they have universities, hospitals and other accomedations Assyrians have nothing at all in any country of the Middle East that they can call their own except in the protected zone in northern Iraq where Kurda have treated far more justly than any other Moslem ruler has ever done thank to the fact that they need the International help for their survival in Iraq.

+++You will always and only get the slap in the face you ever have had for crying and moaning your damfool heads off. The Palestinians have fought long and hard against incredible odds...all you guys do is fight one Bingo club against another. At least you aren't afraid to give a "name"...that shows there is hope for you.

+++Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel. You think you can ride to sympathetic glory on the backs of people who have suffered. You make you sick!

-- panch
-- signature .

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