Them Frozen Freisians

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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Monday, April 01, 2002 at 9:44AM :

Kelley Ross is a Libertarian. These are a weird bunch of ducks. They talk about being allowed to be free of laws and government interference...they think justice and fair play will come about because they "have" the goofy filosofer in Candide...this is the best of all possible worlds because it "is"...and if it weren't, it wouldn't be what "it is"...or something or other.

Over the years I've heard their political why they would even enter politics is another question, on fringe radio discuss what they WOULDN'T do in order to improve our lives...well no, actually they don't believe in "doing"...they believe in leaving us all and the political system they seem to be enjoying...laws and all, thank you very much.

They happen to be mostly tight assed white men...or tight assed white men wannabes, if you can imagine anyone wanting to be an honorary Ross. I doubt seriously they would hold this political position if they lived in a land that authorized the systematic and LEGAL abuse of white tight assed men...I doubt they would wait around and take all the abuse, believing that it would be "wrong" to take a hand in improving your own status and ending your degradation in any way you could.

It amazes me how patient Blacks and women have been with this crud of a white man. If positions were reveresed and Black women can bet your sweet ass these white boys would be up in arms, lashing out right and left...jumping and humping every law they could. There would be no mention then of "let it work itself out". Hell would be " GIVE ME JUSTICE NOW!"

It's only because the system is set up by and for white tight assed men, that Ross and his Freezing Freisians are content to make no new laws...because they benefit already about as much as any such men have in history...why WOULD they want to change anything?

A fellow asked the author of the "Vagina Monologues"...a white tight assed fellow no doubt, about how come there shouldn't be a "Penis Day" she was advocating a "Vagina Day". Her response was that EVERY day was a Penis day. EVERY day is a white tight assed day...and every law favors their white tight asses...and any ones that don't have been hard fought and hard won and would never have come about "on their own".

These "Librarians" are Racists and Sexists of the old school, hiding behind what they think is a lofty sounding ideal. Stripped of its veneer of "freedom" and "liberty" what you have is a desperate attempt to maintain a status quo that just happens to leave them in control of every damn thing...and resents any legal attempts at getting some fair play for the rest of us folk as interefring with LIBERTY.

On his web page Ross tells us a little about Mr. Freis. Buried somewhere in there is the statement that this philosphy fell into disfavor in Europe at "one time". What he means to say, without saying it, is that this guy was an early Nazi, and those "ideas" were Nazi ideas...and the "disfavor" was World War II and the Holocaust and the rape of Mr. Freis' own dear Doltland Uber Alles.

These are tight assed white boys trying to rule supreme, and every time they have tried it, a whole lot of Darkies have paid dearly for their "point of view".

You would have had to have been in Dr. Weider's office to see the contempt she barely could disguise when refering to Ross and his "freezin fresian" point of view...a perspective on the world through the squinty eye lodged in his tight assed head. Here was this big gorgeous Black woman...oozing warmth and strength from every pore...and Ross...looking as much like Cousin Sid from "Tom Sawyer", as he could, about to finally get his pants pulled down and whacked on that tight butt of his that had been asking for it all the years he paraded it around as his one bona fide claim to being a "superior" ass.

-- pancho
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