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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Monday, April 01, 2002 at 5:58PM :

Zbignew Brezhinski (you've GOT to be kidding!) struck a note of sanity today saying that Sharon has tied his own policy of destabilization of the Palestinian Authority and the wrecking of Oslo to America's war on terrorism. You'll find a lot of that going on...everyone who has a grudge or a "policy" will yell "Terrorist!" like they used to shout "Commie!".

Sharon doesn't want peace, Arafat can't get peace...the United States wants oil...destabilization is what these people want. Three times as many Palestinians have been killed,...many of them children...but since when did killing children bother anyone...or abusing them either? The pope is pissed cause his "children", the priests, have been one gives a good goddamn for children because they don't have power and don't count anywhere...except that each of us thinks our own are the most precious and darling ones in the you'd think we'd care a little about what we allow to happen to the children of other parents who can be excused if they feel the same way.

Once you declare open season on "some"'ve made life that much less secure for your own. Oh never mind.

-- pancho
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