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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Tuesday, April 02, 2002 at 8:41AM :

You guys in America notice a sort of cutsey tootsey approach to the news? We've got these blow dried young thangs who seem as disconnected from the stories they give us as if they were speaking a language they merely memorized and didn't know the meaning of. They say..."thirteen children were blown to bits today and EATEN!"...as if it means nothing at all...that what counts is how hip and with it and cool their reportage is. It is one thing to watch a sober old gent or mediumly older woman deliver these sorts of reports in measured and mature tones...but to get Melinda Bebop, fresh from a successful run on "In My Cesspool", cancelled by MTV for lack of "depth"...bouncily telling us that some eyes were gouged out in Israel today...adds such a twist of weirdness that I want to drown my neighbors just to show I AM normal.

Yesterday was April Fools Day, I HOPE...only that can explain the story on NPR about universal health care coverage for PETS! The really whacked thing about it was that I didn't realize it until THIS MORNING! That's where we are...satire is just about become National Policy.

Running amuck on these thingies for a year or more has just about destroyed my ability to figure out the ridiculous from the sublimely stoopid.

-- pancho
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