Michigan State Appeals Court tells Jackster..

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Posted by panch from ? ( on Tuesday, April 02, 2002 at 10:15AM :

...to "fuck off".

Well...in a manner of speech. Couple years back a guy in Michigan was given a ticket and ordered to do community work because of a law that says you can't use "bad" language in front of women and children...horses are okay. The guy appealed all the way up until the ticket and penalty got thrown out and the law itself struck down as "vague" and unconstitutional.

"The government can't act as the speech police and prosecute someone for using certain language just because someone else got offended." This was said by the American Civil Liberties Uniion. During the 50's they were "Pinko", now they'll be labelled "Terro".

The article further states that the..."Three judge panel unanimously declared that the law was unconstitutional." No kidding. "Allowing a prosecution where one utters 'insulting'language could possibly subject a vast percentage of the populace to misdemeanor conviction."

I could have cared less what Jackie Bejan or any other person said about me or to me. What I resented were the lies sent in the night behind my back to ruin my work, the monuments, my reputation and my earning capacity...THAT is actionable.

I never contacted any of her clients to spread lies about the product Jackie makes at her business or ruin her reputation as an honest businesswoman.

I said she has a big ass, she does...I said she kept thrusting it at me...she did....I said I THINK she got especially angry because after paying me thousands of dollars, I STILL didn't want that ass. As far as I know, there are no "thought police" yet. I said what I "thought".

Dear Jackster...the court of appeals for the State of Michigan, and I, would like to say "Fuck You".

-- panch
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