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Posted by panch from ? ( on Tuesday, April 02, 2002 at 10:30AM :

A photo of John Lindh, nude, blindfolded, tied to a board and kept in a storage container will undoubtedly satisfy all of you who feel "safe" now. And Rumsfeld's comments that Iran, Syria and whoever else they don't like, has "proven" ties to the TERROR unleashed against Israel, should make the more sober among us Darkies, the ones not thrilled to be "accepted as White"...take warning.

Bush and the Religious Right are racist bigots who resent the darkies they can't co-opt...they will make us all honorary white Americans...cutting us off from our honey dark roots, the better to steal away our children one day...who will ALWAYS be suspect as Octoroons.

They have scared you all out of your wits...this is a new America, and they package it and sell it to you as a new and IMPROVED and far more SECURE America. It isn't. The threats against America and the people of America have either been manufactured or exploited for gain. These guys have done these things before...and in the past the rest of the nation has awakened from its stupor in time, almost.

But this time, each and every one of us is being led to believe that "Due Process", the Bill of Rights, even the Constitution itself is are "hindrances", stand in the way of the things that need to be done to keep us "Shtrong" and "Free".

If they told us their agenda in a straight forward manner who the hell would buy it? But re-packaging it as our "Salvation" is the greatest irony and legacy of what we can only hope will be a moment of collective maddness that will pass soon.

Don't just hope...VOTE.

-- panch
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