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Posted by Jeff from bgp01107368bgs.wbrmfd01.mi.comcast.net ( on Tuesday, April 02, 2002 at 7:20PM :

I just watched the beginning of "The O'Reilly Factor". He started with a diatribe about how Yasser Arafat is a terrorist and how anyone that "blows up women and children" are barbarians. Then he went on to say that the only reason the US pretends to care about Arafat is because if we didn't, the Arab world would go crazy.

Then, James Zogby came on, thank god, with better English than Oreilly and with calm reasoning he refuted every point that O'Reilly the redneck made. O'Reilly was screaming and interrupting Zogby, and Zogby even called him "Hysterial" a few times... kind of like our "Hysterians"... God bless that man. Talk about good PR.

-- Jeff
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