To All Innocent Americans

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Posted by panch from ? ( on Tuesday, April 02, 2002 at 7:40PM :

Now you can see where the next crop of terrorists will come from. They come from the ongoing terror unleashed by the United States and Israel against young children who must watch their fathers beaten into submission, their mothers die in childbirth three minutes from an Israeli checkpoint they can't comes from children who grow up bitter and disillusioned by the cries for justice from Jews who were raped by Europeans, coming to rape Palestinians who had nothing to do with Europe.

The next time someone flies a jet plane upyour arses, you know your indiffernence helped prepare the ground for their hatred to grow.

Bush has just ensured his re-election because he will offer to make you all even safer now, from the anger and hatred he is helping the Israelis foment, enjoyyour foreign gas, the one you will use to drive to your funerals that there will be even more people gunning for you...for the ones who help pay for this, and encourage it, then stand by shaking their heads in dismay at how envious young Palestinians can be to blow themselves up.

These people are deliberately being pushed to extremes...pushed there to justify Israeli retaliation which will lead to an expansion of Israels borders...well...they have to be SAFE too...don't they??? It will give Bush and his people the excuse they need to gut your civil liberties some more, with your blessings...while they fire people...back on page 12, like the respected lead scientist of the Global Warming Commission...the one critical of American industry etc...but you wont notice cause your eyes will be riveted on the skies above, waiting for the sky to fall, propelled by the young child today whose father got stomped on as a sure fire suspected Terrorist.

There are no innconet people...not anywhere.

-- panch
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