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Posted by panch from ? ( on Tuesday, April 02, 2002 at 7:55PM :

In Reply to: By RAJA SHEHADEH posted by Mr. E from ? ( on Tuesday, April 02, 2002 at 12:52PM :

All the "truth" you want to give will do nothing. This is about perceptions...about image and is about how you use PR to move people to BELIEVE a truth you manufacture and manipulate.

The submarine movie was all a lie...the Brits, NOT the Americans captured that encryption device...but who cared? Wasn't it all a gripping story and don't we believe we COULD have done it...and better and with better looking guys?

There is no Palestinian "cause" left.They were shot down by their own foolish Arab leaders, too intent on buying more Limos and holding onto power any way they could...even with American help the dissidents among the populace resented but could do nothing about.

The Jews of Europe were dealing with a force as deadly and fascistic as the Palestinians are facing today...but so what? The determination and desperation and clever good sense of your enemy is no excuse for you to fold up your tent and go kill yourself.

If you don't learn the whole thing will be over,you study and learn your oppresor's tactics. More than Blitzkreig the Nazis perfected Propaganda...the artful means of creating "truth" by knowing what your audience NEEDS to believe and how you might reach inside and flick a switch they may not even know they have.

You ignore real education at your peril. You discount Art and the powerful role images and symbols play in shaping great and heroic and lowdown and powerful and mean and noble actions, at your PERIL! It is not enough to chant and repeat over and over how you have been wronged...who listens and who gives a damn? Aren't there enough mentally ill people and poor hungry children in America...not Ramallah or Warsaw, but Los Angeles and Chicago and New York to "get" move them with "Truth"? And do they care...hell no. We are being insensitized to the point that robots will even replace dogs in our affections...children having become nuisances long ago.

Dear Arabs...learn! Hire Mordekhai and Mordikhai to represent get you press coverage...hire actors famous ones, they'll do anything...get writers, good ones NOT "truthful" ones...and get to work on ART you idiots made a mess of guerilla warfare and diplomacy already...give it up. Fight the bastards the way they fought...oh never mind...go hold a rally fer chrissakes...make Sharon's day.

-- panch
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