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Posted by pancho from adsl-66-126-168-66.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net ( on Thursday, February 21, 2002 at 5:55AM :

At several points today I ran up against reminders of just what this nation is doing...and getting set to do more of.

They are attempting to launch the biggest paranoia campaign attack ever. Bush has declared war on the entire world. "If you aren't for us...you're against us". Once they identify you as "not with them"...no matter what, you will become a "Terrist".

The only good part of this is that only then will of our own Darkies, so enamored of the Republicans for letting them in the front door, find out just how "white" they really think you are.

Joe McCarthy was finally brought down by one politician saying to him, on national TV..."Senator, have you no shame"? He died broke and drunk in a Wisconsin gutter...but not before he ruined the lives of countless innocent people he branded Communist.

And there was poor Hoover...the biggest crime story of the century and he didn't dare lift a finger against the Mafia...refused to even believe there was such a thing...and all because they had photos of him in a dress down on his knees in a public restroom. You imagine how that must have irked the great big Prick? He and his lover Clyde Tolofson, number two "under" Hoover...couldn't do a damn thing to fight the biggest scourge the country had at the time...instead he focused all his pent up venom on school teachers and writers and artists who had at one time shown any interest in Communism....breaking several laws, creating new ones and doing to the Constitution every day what he was doing to Tolofson every night.

note to Alli: This is NOT your cue to tell us what YOU do every night. You aren't in the FBI.

In the news today Lieberman was saying how the Busheys are gutting environmental protections...also lifting a ban on snowmobiles in Yellowstone...also changing rules about buisnesses owning televisionn and other media outlets in any one market, they are still chipping away at that, so that soon all the companies that stand to profit from this War against Terrism will also be bringing you the news about it...a perfect system....like Orwell said they would get to sooner or later because whoever controls the dissemination of language, controls everything else...also talk of disinformation put out by the Pentagon...as if they've been honest so far...so many little stories and newslettes here and there...and all pointing in the same direction, we are being hustled on a grand scale.

Heard they arrested some A-Rab types in Rome with several cannisters of Evil chemical and maps of WATER SYSTEMS in the city and the US EMBASSY.

You have any idea how easy it is to plant stuff...they did it all the time in drug cases and we know the FBI in its Cointelpro operation infiltrated the Black Panthers and set them up against each other and the list goes on and on. How hard would it be to set an informant among some pissed off and broke foreigners of A-Rab extraction...promise them money etc and then plant whatever you needed on them and bust them? Not hard.

All this stuff is gonna make us BEG for Federal Identity cards and Security cards.

Another story about how whole intersections in Washington DC and all the major buildings are on video cameras 24 hours a day...about how they can zoom up streets and see who is crossing the street or what people are saying...and they used camera ID technology to film people at football games and match them up with data banks of crimminal types.

Sound like Kafka...sound like I'm paranoid...you would sound that way just by reciting what these guys have done in a few short months...and soon you wont even know what they're up to because we are gonna give them complete control over our lives to protect us from the Terror THEY CREATED!!!

And it has nothing to do with A-Rabs...it's all about getting the kinds of sleazy politicians and judges elected to office...who will all talk about protecing dear little old you...when what they are really going to do is screw us all by raping the environment to make themselves even more rich and powerful...and changing the laws and protections put into place over the years to save this poor planet.

I got news for them...if they succeed, they fail.

-- pancho
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