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Posted by pancho from ( on Thursday, February 21, 2002 at 4:33PM :

This is a charming phrase used to describe a state of emotional fluster...a condition wherein one wants to faint and needs smelling salts or a good kick in the arse. It leads to mild and vapid hysteria...a state of mind in which you feel you are being violated and not getting much fun out of it either. "Pushed out of shape" is a more boring approximation.

Assyrians, especially Grat ones, are prone to the fan tods. Fer instance, in the bit about Genocide I used the phrase "cash in". Now I didn't mean anyone was making money off of claiming to be victims of Genocide...just that we try to benefit, reap the rewards we think come with being victims of Genocide...cozy up to the definition when we see how much it has "benefitted" other people...the Jews.

I am abrasive sometimes because we need to be able to withstand the kinds of things we might be subjected to if we ever leave this Asylum called The Community. If you are going to come unglued, or wax glassy eyed, when confronted with authority and opposition, or insensitive and "impolite" people, when you dare venture out of these kinds of places to where people are kicking ass and generally running the Planet...then you will get eaten i could eat four Assrin Patrots every day for breakfast and several Heroes for lunch, rounding off dinner with a bushelful of Leeders and Hysterians and a good half bottle of martyrs....if I could just get at them...where they're hiding.

In "Cuckoo's Nest", McMurphy is stunned, like not even electricity to the brain could stun him...when he learns that all the other patients in the Nut Ward he's been committed to...are VOLUNTARY COMMITS. That means they ASKED to be put there, and prefer to STAY THERE rather than go out and get drunk and laid and generally act like normal people.

We have a singular inability to stand up to anyone, least of the least among us. This does not bode well...unless being led to slaughter, when not ignored, is to be the final resting place for this noble Heritage that has endured so much over the years.

-- pancho
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