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Posted by pancho from adsl-64-168-26-232.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net ( on Thursday, February 21, 2002 at 10:31PM :

A response at aina that bears examination...

The USA does not recognize the Iraqi gevernment, however it recognizes the international borders of Iraq.

+++This presupposes that what the United States does and does not recognize should mean anything to anyone else. Of course it does...but not by any moral right or innate "truth" in the American government of this day and age...but because the United States has shown itself willing to use organized and mechanized and sophisticated Terror against anyone it chooses to. To allign ourselves with such an odious policy will only backfire on our thick stupid heads.

What it means is: if the USA removes Saddam and his baath party from power and replaces the Iraqi government with a democratic one,

+++The United States will merely replace one puppet with another. This is the central and core theme and hope of our Patrots...this belief that a few kind words in exchange for votes here will translate to a policy direction they have never taken in the past. I don't know how to break this sad news but...the United States does NOT foster Democracy around the world, or at home. Bush stole his own election.

+++What it does is have openings for so many employees which it treats fairly well as long as it has any use for them...we are among the lucky ones to be granted work permits. When we are no longer of use, out we go onto the streets or to downsized lives. It doesn't particularly care that it is YOU that fills that spot, and that you have a darling wife and two adorable kids...if they oust you, the next guy will have an adorable wife and two great kids...where's the loss to them? It's just your loss.

then there will be no need for a northern no fly safe zone for the Kurds, and the so called Iraqi Kurdistan will return to be an integral part of Iraq, with that the Kurdish dream of establishing thier independent state on Assyrian soil will vanish.

+++Seems to forget that the Americans established that northern no fly zone and support the Kurds now there. Of course all of that can change too...but it should give us pause regarding America's 'constancy" and good will towards people it basically can run over and who is to stop them? Nimrod???

+++It isn't Assyrian soil anyway...that ended long ago. It isn't Seminole soil that Jews sit on in Florida any longer, or Illinois soil you sit on in Chicago for those lands were stolen as well. care to give up your home to its original owners???

The problem with the Kurds is that they are not seeking their historical Kurdish homeland in Mahabad, Iran, but instead they are seeking an alternate homeland in someone else's homeland.

+++People can and do seek new homelands wherever they can steal them. The Americans did it, the Germans did it the Russians did it the Fillipinos did it...everyone tries it. Hell, even the Assyrians stole the lands of other people.

They are acting similar to the Palestenians when they wanted to establish a Watan Badeel (an alternate homeland) in Lebanon, it collapsed.

+++Not quite. The Kurds have lived among us and far outnumber us...therefore they cover a lot more territory and in far greater numbers. They have been at war with the Iraqi government for decades over just these issues...we have been at war only with ourselves in all that time.



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