To Sam D. ... I just HAD to repost this here

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Posted by Jeff from ( on Thursday, February 21, 2002 at 10:59PM :

Not man enough to admit you stuffed up.

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Written by Ghassan on 21 Feb 2002 19:43:43:

As an answer to: Not man enough to admit you stuffed up. written by Sam.D. on 21 Feb 2002 13:45:55:


I did not make a mistake when I called your level "Chaldean hate monger". I did not mistaken for another ill-mannered Assyrian who frequent this site for no other reason but to disgrace his Assyrian community and show us how low he could go.

You and your likes, and whenever you post here, your message is mainly to show filthy hatred towards Chaldeans in general (however vieled it might be) and to insult and attack any Chaldean who shows pride in his community's history and heritage (as if he/she need permission from the filth who claim Assyrianism as their ideology).

Actually, claiming Chaldean seems to be looked at as an insult to some idiots of Assyrianism followers of the Assyrian church.

Again, your reason to post here is for one and only one thing and that is to tell us that you're Assyrian and that there are no Chaldeans and that if someone claim Chaldeanism then that sure is an offense to your deranged mind that needs a response.

What's more insultingly is your post of claiming "innoncence" and that you simply attack "the messenger" and "not the people"!!! Please, don't insult our intelligence, neither you nor 99.99% of your like-minded Assyrian visitors to this forum know who "Chaldean Babyloninan Lion" is in person, however, your deep hatred towards him is mainly because of his belief in his Chaldeanism and his anger at your belittling his community and your insult towards it (hence, his angry posts against you and others for offending him).

You have shown the same hatred and anger towards each and every Chaldean poster who showed pride in his Chaldeanism or who simply rejected Assyrianism. Now, you claim "innoncence of not attacking ALL Chaldeans"... You're right "only those who show respect and pride in being one"!!

Have you ever posted any message on this forum to disuss any issue apart from attacking any poster who talks in positive tone about being a Chaldean? And NO I did/do NOT confuse you for another poster. I am talking about Sam D. whom I have deleted SEVERAL messages by him (and I don't delete messages if I don't deem them offensive). I mean just read this message of yours, it's written with hatred and not simple anger against a person whom you claim has "mistaken you for another".

Now, take your sick Assyrianism ideology and go back to the Assyrianism Forum hole you came from.


-- Jeff
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