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Posted by Oops Oops from ? ( on Friday, February 22, 2002 at 3:25PM :

In Reply to: Re: Genocide or WORDicide??? posted by Jeff from ( on Thursday, February 21, 2002 at 10:35PM :

I think one of the things that makes for a genocide is not having a country of your own. The idea that your people can be rounded up and not have anywhere to go. There was an Armenia, of sorts. Assyrians didn't have a country and neither did the Jews...but the Jews had NOWHERE in the world to go...they really could have been wiped out...that was the stated intention of the then most powerful war machine on earth...the Christian nation of Germany.

The most stark example of that was the boatload of Jews that sailed around Europe and to America and were turned back everywhere until forced back to Hitler's Christians arms. You know if Hitler had been Muslim, Lulia and the rest would be making a big deal about what a DEVOUT Muslim he was and how he acted EXACTLY as that nasty religion dictated...well Hell the Catholic Church in Europe and America had as its cornerstone of teaching that the JEWS KILLED JESUS! How much more do you have to do to make "Hate" an official part of your religion. Even the Pollack Pope addmitted as much when he prayed at the Wailing Wall and didn't mention Jesus ONCE! The Church even came out and addmitted that it bore some responsibility for 2000 years of racist hate mongering that prepared all the Christians of the world for what a few among them were sick enough to carry out...with their blessings.

Assyrians at that time could have been welcomed to any number of safe havens, had they managed to get there, and let's not forget that Iraq was a Muslim country, yet it took them many Muslims helped Armenians. No no...what the Jews suffered is the only real and credible Holocaust and Genocide...let's grant them that horrible distinction and not try to stretch the word just so we can include Muslims in what was uniquely and primarily a Christian Madness.

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