Denying Mt Rushmore

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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Friday, February 22, 2002 at 3:40PM :

It seems to me that we have a singularly difficult time accepting things like big mountains dotting the horizon, and run right into them every time. Perhaps it comes from never venturing outside where the mountains are and imagining flat desert lands everywhere just because the rug is yellow inside.

What could be more plain than that the Mideast is Muslim and has been for centuries...or that the Christian people in the Mideast have only hurt themselves by being alligned with the Christian matter how badly they were treated by their Muslim neighbors...or how many promises they received from the West or hope they felt like feeling.

I mean Muslims in America can feel teribly depressed, but if they call to Muslim countries to come "save them", or crow with glee at any Christian loss and imagine carving up New York as a place for themselves...there would be trouble. If Native Americans called upon the Soviet Union or Great Britain, at any time, to come over and rescue them, they would be viewed with suspicion.

This talk about how America, a country killing Iraqi children of all things, is going to help Christians back home to gain their rights and maybe a small country of their own, in a sea of pissed as hell Muslims with every right to be blood mad at ANY Christian, is irresponsible and just plain dumb.

Based on our past experience with Western Christians flying to our rescue we should know better, much better. Assyrians are being killed in Iraq...and blaming the Iraqi children and their parents for what a terrible dictator like Saddam has done and also hold them to blame for not removing him, when the United States "failed" to do it...would be like saying the people who died in the WTC deserved to die because of what their leaders had done...and hell....our president was elected! yeah, right!

-- pancho
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