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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Friday, February 22, 2002 at 4:04PM :

In Reply to: To Gandhi and other Ashurians posted by Stella from ? ( on Thursday, February 21, 2002 at 7:15PM :

One of the absolutely best things for all of us, that happened when the Jews were kicked out Jerusalem and sent wandering the world , was that they were forced to stop killing innocent animals for their bloodthirsty Lord. Although one or two Prophets had stated before then that God did not want sacrifice and ritual but moral uprightness in action and daily life...they would never have stopped had they not been sent away from the Temple.

From that day study of the Law and the word and idea of God became the core of their ritual. The Synagogue replaced the Temple and all of us benefitted.

I feel the same way about worshipping Ashur. We have seen almost every form of ritual and worship possible...temple prostitutes, gentle doves with their throats slit, a gentle son impaled on a tree, mumblings and jumblings of every sort, wheels and incense and infants thrown into fires and on and on. As all religions have evolved, I believe that faith in Ashur must also evolve and it has.

As the Jews in Diapers had to craft an entirely new form of worship, to replace the ritual sacrifices of the too do we have to devise a new form of worship for Ashur. We don't have to make a unified creed out of it with an array of mumbo jumbo that has to be canonized and then canonaded down the throats of children. Each of us can define it as we long as at the core of it is an idea that can lead to improving the lives of the people who bear the name of Ashur in their own...I mean Assyrians.

As David, the mad Aussie is a verb, not a noun. We have to DO something for the people of Ashur...and that will be the best way to honor our god. I don't think Ashur ever cared what religion people of the Empire or city America doesn't. The whole point was to work for the benefit of the PEOPLE and Heritage. You can be of any other religion or no religion and by your actions you would worship Ashur.

We don't need to take a step backwards and make another Cult. That at least is the humble opinion of this follower of Ashur.

note to Lulia: We don't have a hell. Go to your own.

-- pancho
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