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Posted by Julia from ( on Saturday, February 23, 2002 at 2:57AM :

In Reply to: Re: Her response posted by Julia from ( on Saturday, February 23, 2002 at 2:47AM :

You deceived yourself; you conveniently told yourself that if you go there, you can't do much because they will die anyway. ANd besides, people in Voices are doing it so that takes care of it. So you tell yourself, gee fred, what can i do for these children that i don't know or haven't seen? I can make fun of Ross! yeah! or, that stupid Andreass, i can post 40x , that can help the cause of the children! Or wait, I can make sculptures! Because sculptures feed children! (oh, no, they preserve heritage and culture...yep, totally different from feeding children)...and wait, i can definitely go after that good for nothing BetBasso. His poetry sucks and he whines because i'm a better artist and no one buys his books. Hey I know that it will DEFINITELY make those kids happy, because yes, oh Ashur yes, it will help those children if i spend day after day, hour after hour, annoying people. Hey fred you believe in the power of the will of the people right? Imagine a itty bitty poll you can run in iraq for the 7-18 age group..."what can be done to help you?" 1) argue with bet basso, bethsuryoyo people, etc 2) collect and amass goods and services for me, work with NGOs for me, be a mobilizer of change via institutional and organziational networks that are already doing this for me..."oh yea! i see, oh fred, please do the former rather than the latter! you are so needed for annoying people! Ashur bless you fred! i'll sit here and starve while the christians bomb me, and you go ahead and log on your lovely computer every day and talk about color scheme and ducks and Alli's underwear and that will help me!!"

Fred: wake up. The kids do not need somone whose full time job is to annoy people and make fun of them. They need a leader.

-- Julia
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