Oh...Jesus Mary AND Joseph!!! Now WHAT!!!

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Posted by pancho from adsl-64-168-25-150.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net ( on Saturday, February 23, 2002 at 5:02AM :

In Reply to: Re: Her response posted by Julia from dhcp100030.res-hall.northwestern.edu ( on Saturday, February 23, 2002 at 2:47AM :

: Poor, poor fred Parhad. It's all about knees that are hugged, wild exclamation marks and crazy question marks; it's all about hysteria and blather and nonsense, it's all about this pristine role that exalts you above all others

++++Respect your elders and you abovers

, your role to annoy people by making fun of their sisters or their gender or their religion or whatever,

+++How about for their stupid posts...you forgot that.

all in the name of What Fred Agrees With and not in the children's name.

+++Bitch, Bitch, Bitch.

++++ Why don't you get off my back and off your ass and write something BESIDES love letters to me!!??&%$$

I bet these faceless and nameless children would spit on your face for the nothing that you do for them as they are dying,

+++Man, you are a scummy thing.

and they woudl spit on mine too

++++I don't think so...I don't think that's appropriate for you to say... I'd SPIT on ya!!

and spit on everyone else who just talks shit and doesn't do shit.

+++Now why would dying children want to spit at anyone?

At least i don't lie to myself and say i'm doing this for the children, but man, you have completely lied to yourself.

+++I scratch my ass and pick my nose too...what about THEM apples???

You are doing nothing for the children but some disembodied cause that you want to fuel with your words that alienate, insult and offend,

+++Tell me, and tell me honestly...do you think I disrespect you?

and contribute little substative information to organizing and developing change for teh children that can be seen before they die.

+++You aren't even original, flamboyant, precise, poetic, funny, thought provoking, sarcastic, satirical, witty or much else that could offset the tedium of your thoughts and the mundane language skills you got through high school with...you are out aren't you? Why don't you just get a whip and beat yourself?

-- pancho
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