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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, February 23, 2002 at 3:32PM :

In Reply to: Dear Julia posted by Children of Iraq from ( on Saturday, February 23, 2002 at 2:57PM :

With this kind of "devout" Christian...who needs Nazis?

Wonder when they're gonna unseal the documents that show old Pious XII was the Nazi he was? They made a big show of what a good friend he tried to be to the Jews...and a footnote about how he helped get passports so his Nazi friends could get to South America.

The Christian church systematically and officially taught hatred of Jews for centuries, ever since the Holy Romans killed Jesus. The signs were all over the place that something BIG was coming Hertzl warned of it when he covered the Dreyfuss trial and saw how bloodthirsty the Christians were for this honorable French officer's blood...his Jewish blood.

Hertzl was the founder of modern Zionism and travelled Europe warning Jews of what was surely to come...and with the Church's blessing...good men gone bad. If you don't like what Israel is doing today, you can lay a good part of the blame on the Church and the Holocaust they worked dilligently to bring about for 2000 years.

Actually that's not quite accurate. Some of the Church Fathers were for killing the Jews outright as punishment for rejecting a carpenter's claim that he was maybe a son of God...which was against Roman Law. The "good" Church Fathers were for keeping them handy, in ghettos, so they could be periodically thrashed and burnt in bits and pieces as a constant reminder to others of what happens when you don't accept the Madman's "love".

Had it not been for Germany's losses in the First World War, especially the crushing indemnities they were forced to pay, coupled with a world wide depression, maybe, just maybe, the "kind" Fathers of the Church would have won out and the Jews kept alive like you keep cattle for gradual slaughter and replenishment through breeding.

But, alas, things got so bad for Germans and others that the ground was made ready to receive the corpses, when they didn't burn them, of millions of Jews, who, until then, had literally not done a thing to harm anyone.

What choice was left to them but to insist on one small spot on earth where they might at least die together...surrounded by enemies perhaps, but having none among them to turn them in...ever again.

Is it fair to tell them to fight fair? Is it right to expect them to turn the other cheek, to NOT sink to the same barbaric methods they were subjected to for centuries by their most Christian Lords and Prelates? Can you beat a woman and abuse her since childhood and then punish her for shooting the person reponsible one day? What has she seen or learned besides brutallity and harshness?

Who came crying for the Jews all those years that the world must now cry for Palestinians? Who spoke up for the boatload of Jews sailing frantically round the ocean in the War, hoping some Christian nation would take them in, them and their own precious children? What have Jews been subjected to and learned and taken a lesson from but hashness, cruelty, inhumane treatment of the worst kinds...brought to the brink of annhilation and NOW they are supposed to what...Christians???

I would say they are acting considerably better than Christians did. The day they set up crematories and gather all Palestinian men women and children together from every corner of the globe and gas and burn them all...then you might say they took a page from the Christian Book.

The real tragedy is that the Palestinians never did anything to harm them before the Europeans started on their great bloodlust. I wish it was Germans and Christians the Israelis were fighting aginst now, not Muslims and the odd Palestinian Christian. The first King os Saudi Arabia said as much to the Americans...he asked them why they didn't give the lands of the people who had harmed the Jews to them...why come stealing land from people who were in no way responsible? Same reason we didn't get Mosul...because it "looks bad" for Christians to kill and rob a Christian minority...or give Christian lands over to Jews...whom the United States hated as well...and still does.

They are right to reject Armenian and Greek and Assyrian claims...all of them from the same religion that almost wiped them out...that what they suffered was anywhere near the magnitude of what Christians did to Jews. It is only this hatred for Islam that makes us all desperate to indict it as ashamed are we that Christianity must take sole credit for perpetuating THE most brutal and persistent bloodlusting hunt for fellow humans the world has ever seen. Let Christians enjoy that distinction, Lord knows they worked hard enough for it.

-- pancho
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