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Posted by pancho from adsl-64-165-200-7.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net ( on Saturday, February 23, 2002 at 4:27PM :

be quiet and don't soil the name of Suryoyo Online. Otherwise you will repent because of your bad acts and you will answer for your rushing campaign. I shall infom Gabriel Rabo, the webmaster of riginal Suryoyo Online about your dirt.

+++This is a warning to Matay at beth. I like the "rushing" campaign. Didn't know they were Commies still.

+++This is so much of what is wrong with us. We broke off and become Nestorians, or whatever it is. Then we became Catholic and Protestant and that set off a mad dash to find niche religions catering to your every need until we are overwhelmed and overrun by priests and deacons and reverends and ministers...all with mortgages to pay and cell phones and dentist bills and not a clue in the world as to how to make a living except fill us full of even more religion...all of it driving more and greater wedges between what used to be a more or less sane bunch of people.

I liked what Abdul Aziz Ibn Sa'ud said in explaing warfare among the tribes. He said that in a political dispute, you could come to terms, but that in a religious war you had to kill everybody.

We never get off the ground because someone is liable to point with unrestrained glee at the missteps of someone else's church...so eager are we to be seen as the one TRUE sect of a sect. This makes people angry, naturally enough, because you are stealing a march on them, and so they look for some snide or hurtful comment to make about YOUR pretensions or aspirations.

Just like primitive tribes trying to unify but always breaking out into pitched battles among ourselves before the war even starts. There have been countless examples of just what this does to the overall health and viability of people who nonetheless all say they want to UNITE and be ONE NAYSHUN.

The Mongols devastated the Muslim world in the 13th century largely because they marched into a scene where countless petty princelings and religious leaders were all jealously trying to put each others eyes out. The invaders found it easy to pick them off one by one...and only some few years later, when the Muslims put aside their petty disputes and banded together, did it prove relatively easy to wipe the formidable Mongol armies out. The glory of Muslim civilization never recovered after that.

So long as we dabble in our ten thousand religions we will never come together for anything. Maybe funerals.

-- pancho
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