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Posted by pancho from adsl-64-168-26-5.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net ( on Saturday, February 23, 2002 at 6:27PM :

Let's say that you know there's a bunch of Toughs at the local park, that they've killed any number of kids who ventured there and told the entire neighborhood just what they would do to the next kid they catch violating their rules and trespassing.

A new family moves in, a father and his sweet little boy. The boy plays every day in the yard and plants flowers and watches the birds land on the bushes and peck at the seeds he holds in his outstretched hand. The father asks the boy to go to the park one day, but the kid is afraid, knows the stories and would just as soon stay home. The father get's angry and when that doesn't work, tells the kid he loves him a lot, did a lot for him, expects at least something in return, just to show the kid was appreciative, and eventually the kid leaves home and goes down to the park.

The gang members grab him, strip him naked, beat him, cut him and pour vinegar on his wounds just for good measure. Then they tie him to a tree in their blasted park and drive nails through his hands and feet and shove a knife into his side.

The father hears about it, is immensely satisfied that things worked out the way he planned them, gathers the dead boy up in his arms and goes back to Cleveland, or wherever people like that come from. By the time his train rolls in the crowds have assembled and are in a frenzy over this act of supreme "love"...this sacrifice made to teach the gangs of the world what Love is all about. And do they ever learn a good lesson from this example!!!

The gangs all turn to the same religion this father has, and taking a cue from him...go through the towns and villages proclaiming the love of their God is here and anyone who doesn't want it, will be killed...and those who join up are soon splitting hairs and each other's skulls because the example the father left them with is a little confusing after all...and calling his act one of supreme love and devotion sort of unhinges them from then on.

-- pancho
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