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Posted by Julia from ( on Saturday, February 23, 2002 at 6:48PM :

Ideally, I would like Fred to respect me; what angers me is not the fact that he doesn't respect me but that he does this in the name of 'the children.' What he does, he says, is 'raising consciousness' and so if this makes me 'uncomfortable' it is because i feel 'guilty' for letting the children die. He too is guilty for letting the children of the present to die, and he is one sick man to equate serving children of the future with making fun of people. Get it? The problem is that he equates his higher cause of serving people with making fun of others. This is OK, in his mind. So, effectively, Jeff, if it wasn' for people like me for him to annoy, then he wouldn't be doing his job would he? Duh.

I have no problem with the definition of the neo assyrian, or all the implications it makes for the new assyrian person and the community; in fact, I think the concept of a neo assyrian is something we desperately need. But i'm going to stop short of accepting a man who concentrates his energy towards making fun of people. I've seen him post for almost a year; when people disagree with him, he uses the same archaic formula to alienate and offend. And, again, this is done serving the children of the future?

-- Julia
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