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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, February 23, 2002 at 6:57PM :

An article in today's Chronicle tells of a French court's decision to allow a movie poster to be displayed...
"A French court on Thursday turned down a Catholic group's request to ban a controversial film poster that blends a cross with a Nazi swastika, ruling that the image fits with the film's story line...A Catholic group...went to court to argue that the poster constituted a, 'manifest and illicit disturbance towards Christians', and should be banned...The poster intended to convey the film's assertion that the Vatican bears partial responsibility for the death of millions of Jews during the Holocaust by having remained silent...the judge noted that France's Catholic Church itself said in 1997 that its silence during World War II was a mistake (GO CHURCH!!!)...France's Catholic Church last week criticized the poster as an 'unacceptable lack of respect," and the country's leading Jewish figures signed a petition saying that 'this amalgam of the Nazi symbol with a religious symbol is unhealthy." Now THERE is an understatement!!!

+++Let's face it...Christianity, as a religion, is hopelessly tainted by years of hate mongering and racist propaganda. Everywhere this church went it brought bloodshed with it. Millions of Native Americans up and down the coasts and in the interiors of North and South America were killed for resisting, then worked to death after converting. Millions more died in Africa at the hands of such Christian crimminals as Leopold III of Belgium, not to mention the millions who died in the Holocaust. And never mind all the lives blighted by Christian dogma and the little boys and girls groped and raped by Christian clergy who say they know better. Yet all of this...ALL of it can be excused because these jerks ask for forgiveness once a week at least..well Hell, who has MORE need of forgiveness than these kinds of people? Let them do less to have to be forgiven for.

It is this one little loophole that makes Christianity so appealing, to the "false" kind...who are the in the majority and who the "true" kind hide in and among, because otherwise they would have been killed long ago...getting sanctimonious whenever the other kind are caught with their pants down.

I think we Assyrians would do a whole lot better to leave this blood encrusted religion of Love and blood sacrifice and return to our own...which hasn't had a chance to hurt anyone in the last 2000 years...with the added advantage that we can bring some clarity and sanity and a little humanity to that we can see what these Three Sisters From Hell have wrought lo these many moons.

We can't do any worse!!!

-- pancho
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