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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Sunday, February 24, 2002 at 4:38AM :

In Reply to: From the archives...beautiful! posted by Jeff from ( on Sunday, February 24, 2002 at 4:26AM :

Thanks Jeff.

That was the most surreal event I ever went to. Janey Golani told me to come, that all would be fine, that Atour had talked it over with Jackie...who had gone into orbit when I refused to be bought and "withdrew" an invitation that was never hers to extend in the first aplace. The Federation and Atour were the fiscal and formal sponsors of the Hammurabi allowing us to use THEIR bank account and tax exempt status...the Federation through the fees it collects from its members had donated $10,000 to the Shumirum...and they ALL got together and handed me a back dated contract on the last night of the convention stating that I, and only I, must not sell anything at the convention, that I must not mention the Shumirum while there, as in answer the questions that were put to me...that I must not mention the Federation in any way or at any time while in tell people that the reason I couldn't answer their questions about why it was taking FIVE years to install the Shumirum in Chicago...was because the Federation MADE me sign a contract promising not to...all just so I could show my sculpture...make no sales and get no more support for the Hammurabi...which Atour Golani and Janey were SUPPOSED to be promoting as it was bound for their own goddamn city!!! And around it all there was Nimrod...the elder statesman of Assyria talking his talk about unity and how we should all come together and make ourselves better known OUT IN PUBLIC...saying such a crass thing when he is the single reason we couldn't get the Shumirum OUT IN PUBLIC...and when it was time for questions and I raised my hand and respectfully asked the Old fart how come?...I was shouted down by Carlo Ganjeh...told I was out of order and had Jackie and the hotel manager tell me that if I asked another question the police would arrest me...because I WAS A TROUBLEMAKER.

It was nuts...and business as usual, except that this time I was there to hold a mirror up and shine a light so we can all see what really motivates these people.

-- pancho
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