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Posted by Sam.D. from ( on Sunday, February 24, 2002 at 11:57AM :

In Reply to: Re: Danny Pearl and the Two Hundred Thousand posted by Julia from ( on Saturday, February 23, 2002 at 6:41PM :

I couldn't give you an official source, but the story about Iraqi soldiers being buried alive by U.S. bulldozers is a well known and admitted one. I think I can actually recall watching a chap on t.v. proudly boasting about being one of those bulldozer drivers. They were actually one of, if not THE first elements of the main body of the U.S. forces to have gone into action and part of their task was to bulldoze their way through the earthworks built up in front of the Iraqi trenches and clear a way for the U.S. tanks to go through.

I hope in years to come when his kids and grand kids ask him "What did you do in the war?", he still has the courage to be able to say "I buried people alive, son. For all I know, they were probably conscripts who desperately didn't want to be there, but, by golly I buried 'em. That'll learn 'em for being sand niggers!". My, my what a badge of honour to wear.

-- Sam.D.
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