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Posted by Jeff from ( on Sunday, February 24, 2002 at 3:24PM :

In Reply to: Re: none? posted by Julia from ( on Sunday, February 24, 2002 at 9:03AM :

: ++++Right, but that still does not give him an excuse to hate on other Christians. Are you saying you 'understand' why he's so hostile to me? Because he's been hated on by Christian Assyrians? And why he's so hostile to other people? He's just as prejudiced as his assyrian bretheren who are prejudiced against muslims, etc. When fred talks the way he does about any group of people with the level of malice that he does, he is doing the same thing as his muslim bretheren. You see that :much right?

I believe that his criticism of Christians in general and his arguments with you are different. I understand why he is so hostile towards the community... not towards you in particular!

: ++++ As you are trying to understand this method, so am I , but then I am getting blamed for categorizing him while you've already made your set of assumptions about him. We've done :the same thing.

Our "categorizations" are different, and...also I know more about Fred than you do... for better or for worse.

: +++ If fred were a Goat, it wouldn't matter. WHat matters is that he is a man seemingly against prejudice but is prejudiced himself. He's a walking contradiction, when in fact he needs to see that any viable nation needs to stand on pillars of tolerance for all people, :no matter what their characteristics may be.

I enjoyed that... if he were a goat, he'd be the scariest goat that I've ever seen! Right Fred??

One of the traits that we learned in philosophy class... one of the traits that all philosophers used when they were making a real point, that is, a point that either couldn't be directly said because it was too dangerous, or a point that just had to be made in a roundabout way, but was VERY significant, was the deliberate use of contradictions.

Go figure.

-- Jeff
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