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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Sunday, February 24, 2002 at 6:17PM :

from beth...where this answer wont last long..

>Um, friend, I have a little enlightenment for you - Hitler was not, nor has never been, a Catholic Christian.

+++No one holds their breath waiting for clarification on these issues from you. You are a Christian apologist, hardly a neutral source...your bias sticks out from behind your ears. I am none of your religions...I look at them all dispassionately. Hiter was more Christian than Jew or Muslim. He had more access and was more welcome at the Vatican than you would ever be. The country that raised him and nurtured his racist views and Jew hatred was a Christian country...not a Muslim one and not a Jewish one either. Popes don't make deals with non-Christians. Hitler was enough of a Christian to do the Church's work for it...the ultimate solution it had been struggling to achieve for 2000 years...the victory of the Church Fathers who wanted the Jews wiped out as a final tribute to their Lord and a lesson as to what happens to those who reject this Prince of Peace.

If you were to read up on the history of Nazis - can recommend some good books if Saddam allows them into Iraq to you

+++Will you guys never tire of calling everyone you can't answer a lover of Saddam? The United States, another Christian country, nurtured and "loved" Saddam and Bin Laden. I have no love for these tyrants or the other one, who has had more people killed than any of them...I mean this Bush and his Pappy...and all for oil, that's all.

- you would find out that the Nazi party came out of the Theosophical society - it was the founder of the Theosophical Society, Helen Blavatsky (a rabid lesbian too by the way, like Hitler and his cronies were flaming fags)that first started talking about "super races" and such, and it was she that first made use of the thing called the swastika. One of her disciples by the name of Guido von List founded a secret society in 19th-century Vienna called the German Order, which was devoted to occultism and racial superiority, and its Munich chapter was called the Thule Society. A member of this by the name of Anton Drexler founded a group called the NDSAP, which today we know as the Nazis, and it recruited Hitler, thus he took over leadership eventually. THAT is where the Nazi party come from, my friend, and believe me, there was nothing Christian about them.

++++And all the people you mention started out in the Christian Catholic Church where they first got these poisonous ideas...they too became "rogues", like Bin Laden and Saddam...but not before they were poisoned and brought along...and they served the purposes of the Church well enough and all would have taken credit for it...if they had won. It's easy to say you're sorry when you're caught with the bloody axe in your hand...under those circumstances I'd be "honest" too. You are way too happy with the few trees you see...and like all myopic woodsmen, fail to see the forst of Christian hate mongering. If your own friggin pope can admit it...why can't you?

You should ask the thousands of nuns, priests and Protestant pastors that died in the camps - if you could, that is - alongside the 6 million Jews, and they will tell you how "Christian" the Nazi party was.

+++No need to ask them...I can ask the millions of dead Jews and everybody eleses...once you start cleansing, why stop? I can also ask the millons and millions of Jews killed by Christians for the last 2000 years. I am not saying that Hitler and Christ would have been friends...you don't have many real Christians anywhere in the world...but Hitler and the Pope and the Church administration and Big Boys were certainly close and thick as theives and murderers. We are talking about lofty sentiments no organized religion can manage to uphold...we are talking about the murders and rapes and thefts and child molestations hidden behind a religious facade...and that brother...is just what Hitler and the rest hid behind...you too apparently.

On the other hand, are you familiar with an individual by the name of Haj Amin Husseini? He was the unofficial first PLO leader, so to speak, and a big ally of Hitler - Hitler used him to organise Muslim troops to kill Serbs and Gypsies in Yugoslavia, and yes, he infiltrated Arab nationalists in Iraq to kill Assyrians too. this is all very thoroughly documented by both secular and religious sources, and I DARE you to read them; you seem to be the one making a lot of challenges around here, Big Mouth, so put your money where your mouth is and take me up on one, Hmmm??

+++Just as soon as the files that were sealed by the Vatican and other Christian entities are openned and you can read about the pope's complicity in what is still the singular and most horrible and only true and mechanized and official Genocide in history, carried out at all levels and with the tacit and implicit approval of the the Most Christian Pope and 99% of the Church prelates and the rest of them businessmen...as well as IG Farben, Krupp and General Motors too...with all the latest and mechanized and efficiant processes the "civilized" world had at its disposal...or built specifically for the burning of little Jewish children...children and parents which the Church has historically hounded and brabnded and Pogromed and Inquisitioned for the last 2000 years...let them cry "forgiveness" now...because they LOST!!!

+++It is a measure of how obscure your "facts" are that no one has heard of them while the whole world knows what the Church countenanced and even the recent pope feels complelled to apologize and wail at the Wall for...without mentioning Jesus once...as he should be ashamed to do in that spot...so badly have they abused what the gentle carpenter stood for.

>As for Muhammed being a "great man", I will give you that - he was a great liar and was lied to by the demon that dictated the Quran to him. And, what makes you think I take Bush into consideration - I voted for Pat Buchanan in our last elections, and in the one before that, I voted for Bo Gritz.

+++++Then you should follow Buchannan when he takes the United states to task for attacking Iraq, for attacking Kuwait. As he said...Iraq attacked Kuwait, not the United States...why this unholy war on children? Muhammad doesn't require your defense or mine...his followers have proven throughout the centuries what piety and greatness was in the man. If there are rogue Muslim, Ashur knows there are barbaric Christians.

I believe he handled fighting the terrorist attacks well, but he could have done more.
>As for the train leaving the station, in your case it was a boat - like I said, it sunk under the load of horse crap you're packing.
>I can back up what I say, can you - or are you chicken? Cluck, cluck to you, and a handful of corn to you, Mr. Cock-a-Doodle-Doo.

+++Keep your cock to yourself.

-- pancho
-- signature .

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