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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Sunday, February 24, 2002 at 8:04PM :

I think of this guy and how he calls Muhammad a great liar. Well hell they were ALL liars...or inspired. You can't sell a lie to that many people for that many years. This idea that Christianity is Truth and Right and Islam and Judaism are Lies and deceit, is what fuels these hate filled battles between what are essentially three sects of the same damn religion. They ALL believe in the Old Testicles...they ALL revere Moses. Islam goes farther and respects Jesus and the Jew Prophets...whereas Christianity loathes Islam.

This fellow feels comfortable saying things out loud about Islam that he would never dare say about Judaism, though he feels it, because he knows the JDL would be up his shorts in a Ross felt comfortable slamming us in ways he wouldn't have dared do to another minority.

These are all excuses and cloaks to hide the same basic beastiality that lurks in the hearts of all men and women regardless of what they profess their religious beliefs to be. The best of ALL religions stresses tolerance and respect for ALL life. In that thing they all just isn't welcome news to the bloodthirsty among us who choose a religion, or have it chosen for them, in order to satisfy their own narrow and inhumane ends.

Is this stupidity on a grand scale or what? For this people are killing each other and women, like my cousin, commit suicide because they fell in love with a Muslim??? For this people can cut the heads off of each other's children never thinking how they've declared open season on their own children? I mean if one of these religions is justified, why aren't the others? Which of them DON'T believe they are the one and only?

Makes your head spin and your gorge rise. not GEORGE...GORGE!!!

-- pancho
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