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Posted by Gandhi from ( on Monday, February 25, 2002 at 2:53AM :

In Reply to: Taking Exception posted by pancho from ? ( on Sunday, February 24, 2002 at 8:35PM :

: Someone here,(posted at beth) I can't remember who, thought I was being disrespectful when I refered to the Old Testicles. The word "testament" comes from testicle...from the practice long ago of having men swear a solemn oath by each placing a hand against the other's testicles as they swore. WOULD discourage lying...unless of course, but let's not go there. A Testament therefore is a compilation of Truths, set down.

: To give "testimony" leave a last will and "testament" "testify" be the object of a "testimonial" get "testy" all refer to testicles and the sacred position they once held as an article men would swear truth and honesty by. Placing ones hand on the bible while swearing to tell the truth has replaced placing ones hand against the other's testicles.

: Therefore, to call the Old Testament, by it's more accurate name, Old Testicles, is perfectly scientific and is calling them old guys Diddlers, cause they did diddle their daughters. You can have them for ancestors and holy men...I'll take Ashur.

You forget About King David how he Gave it to his nieghber Bathishba All the way in and Have her Husband Killed ! yet he is known as the hearth of the God ( Assyrian Church Goers kind of Hearth)
Or how his Son tricked him that if his Sister make a Cake he will recover from sickness (Sick in the Head) and When King David granted the permission he Raped his sister Tamar and had his Servant throw her out as a bitch!
Why those Smart ASS Assyrian clergies Don't say that while those Sleeping church goers are sitting like in a theater watching them giving speeches that how Yahwah is Merciful!
indeed he is Mercyful to his Chosen ones !

-- Gandhi
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