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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Monday, February 25, 2002 at 4:51AM :

>I am not going to even dignify this with a response

+++Then what do you call this? I'll admit it is undignified, but you are trying. Why can you guys NEVER stick to the point...even when YOU raise them? Don't you believe in anything you say?

- YOU are the one spouting all the hatred and causing trouble on this site,

+++What trouble? Is it "trouble" for you to run into things you don't happen to like or agree with? Is it "trouble" for you to allow someone to post his or her thoughts? Does it take away from your ability to post...or have ideas...or maintain them and your self-respect? How on earth does my posting here, or occupying the same planet with you cause you "trouble"? Were you always able to have kids removed from the playground because they "troubled" you? You sure as hell don't trouble me at all.

and to try to have intelligent conversation with you is impossible, as you are a moron who proverbially "does not want to be confused with the facts"

+++Well, genius, why waste your time?

>You will find out soon enough what the truth is one day, and when you do, it will be too late.

+++Oh Geez...DIRE warning number 152.

>I don't even believe you are a real Assyrian, for the ones I know don't act like you

+++I hesitate to speculate on how the ones you DO know behave. You're right, they don't...they wouldn't even show up to challenge Ross. We have others thank God...some in Australia, some in Detroit too...and thank Ashur we do. So...YOU don't think I'm a real Assyrian do you? Ever hear of a real Assyrian running from anyone? Come and get me fella, come and get me...I wont leave until the door is slammed in my face. What you want to do is move back to Trurkey.

- they act like intelligent human beings and not jackasses. You are probably one of the Ba'athist spies Saddam uses to infiltrate Assyrian groups, and Assad used to use to infiltrate Maronite groups in Lebanon during the Syrian occupation - which still is in force, by the way.

+++Oh gimme a braek will ya! Jeez, are all you guys made out of Maronite so hysterical? Spies my Aunt Fanny. Climb down from the ceiling before you get a nose bleed...then go lie down before you pass out.

if by some chance you are Assyrian, you are probably a backstabbing traitor to your people like Tariq Aziz is, and you don't deserve that great name.

+++Let me know next time you spend 25 years and over $300,000 to build some monuments out of Maronite fella...

You sound like a terrorist, as you have said the same things bin Laden and others have mouthed off in their rhetoric, and to be honest,

+++Haven't you anything nice to say? Next thing you know I'll be copulating with horses too. At least you can't accuse me of being a priest! HEY! I got an idea...why don't you turn me in to the FBI and the CIA and the SPCA.

I won't engage in any discussion with you any more

+++We are NOT engaged. I hardly know you and if you think I'm taking you home to meet mother you're crazy! silly boy.

- don't respond to me, and I won't respond to you, as we both have better uses of our time.

+++I suppose you're going to hold your breath till you turn blue next.

+++Well actually I have plenty of time...and jerking your chain is fun...let's you show off.

>When you want to have serious dialogue, instead of making ethnic slirs against Maronites and your fellow Assyrians,

+++I never make a slur against anyone, least of all Assyrians...I may get them to cast aspersions against themselves, but usually they never know it...only the people I want know it. If you can't manage a vigorous conversation without getting the fan tods...don't blame me.

and being obscenely graphic with the female visitors of this site, as well as making some very derogatory comments about the Christian religion that represents most of us on this board, then we will talk.

+++What females? Hey...what ARE you??? I would appreciate it if the Christian religion, real or false, would get its heel off my people's neck...I have no argument with it other than that. Those are Christian bombs falling on Iraq fella...NOT Muslim and NOT Jewish!

You are a disgusting and rude, ignorant specimen of the human race with your attitude,

+++You don't know how relieved I am that you hold me in such low esteem...imagine what I think of you. At least I wont post it.

adn I wish Hanna and the others who administer this board would kick your sorry butt off of it

+++Is that what this is all about? Is this now going to be deemed "insulting" as an excuse to remove me with you?

- why they put up with you is beyond me, as they are decent folks.

+++Just a mad moment I suppose.

>Oh yeah, and FYI - Asshur is a son of Noah,

+++I wont tell you whose son I think you are.

and who the Assyrians are truly named after, and the deity Ashur, whom you claim to follow but I have doubts about (the rhetoric you spout sounds more Wahhabist than it does pre-Christian Assyrian), hasn't been an actual part of the Assyrian religious system for over 2000 years now.

+++Dear Plastic....the Assyrian religion lives on wherever people gather to honor Ashur and his people with DEEDS. Christianity is a nice offshoot of Judaism...Christ was NOT Christian, he was a Jew...no matter what you think. If I were Muslim, I would proclaim it and proudly too, as you are all so allfired proud of being Christian...but I am NOT. We switched religions centuries ago, then switched again and again and again and agian till we are dizzy with religion and can barely stand...right up to today when for the first time EVER Assyrian Christians are paying for the destruction of their own Holy Lands while paying to support Israel. MY Lord comes from the Holy City of Ashur...yours comes from the Israeli city of Bethlehem.

>To the rest of this board, my apologies for allowing myself to engage in such prattle with this individual,

+++You noticed that too did you?

and if my words were offensive, I offer apologies to you all and to the administrators. I will be talking more in the future here, but those like this Pancho Jackass need to go, as they defeat the purpose of these discussions.

+++Yeah yeah yeah...that's what censors always say...them and other's who can't stand up for themselves without coming unglued. Listen fella...should you EVER want to venture out and do anything about anything...you will face a lot more "trouble" than I could ever give you.

+++I don't know about Maronites...but we Assyrians are going to have to become a lot more pro-active or we will be swallowed up by this Christian country as our children lose complete interest. These forums are NOT Assyria...they are places for people like you to have what you quaintly call "discussions". Go ahead and have one with someone...just stay clear of an Assyrian, that's all Bub!

++++Dave baby, your flap A has come apart from your Slot B.

-- pancho
-- signature .

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