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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Monday, February 25, 2002 at 4:03PM :

In Reply to: Mr Throw Up Gets His Way posted by pancho from ? ( on Monday, February 25, 2002 at 4:01PM :

Like I said, if a certain religion would stop its very impolite bombing of the followers of another religion...I would be happy to overlook that religion's ill mannered ways. The road is open here for anyone to have someone else removed...all that certain someone has to do is post insults himself to achieve his desired end...which is to have someone he doesn't seem to be able to refrain from insulting, deleted.

A certain German used that trick and now some Plastic people are doing it. I don't believe people mind it at all. The world can be an insulting place...better to be able to handle it, to keep firm and true on the track of the subject at hand, which is some measure of justice and peace for the Assyrian people, than to retreat behind closed doors and create an atmosphere that exists nowhere in the real world...the world, after all, where the gross insults and injustices towards our people continue...with no regard to, or input from...Assyrians.

If we were in Turkey, and the government told me to show more respect for it's rules and laws and feelings...would you like it better if I agreed...or continued speaking out? I grant you the consequences would be far more severe if I refused to be muzzled or gelded, but the principle is the same...and in this country...where freedom of speech, especially "uncomfortable" speech, has been upheld and is revered...where the worst I might face are the accusations leveled at me and the possibility that I will have my speech censored and deleted and you really expect me to go along in order to get along?

I'm afraid I will have to a tribite to Akbulut, if nothing else. No hard feelings or disrespect to you or people here...but it is much much worse to remain silent or pull out my own claws when the world we live in seems not to mind killing us off at all. I think I said this here once before...YOU die politely.

-- pancho
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