Getting People Removed 101

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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Monday, February 25, 2002 at 4:13PM :

We will name no religions. Let's just say if you find yourself strung up by your own weak arguments...if you find yourself flapping in the breeze with your racist views down around your feet, your lack of substance exposed for all to see...if your attempt at what you always believed was your sharp and incisive wit, sarcasm and humor and learning, should of a sudden fall limp at your feet...if even holding your breath and refusing to play, turning blue and green and purple in the process...if all of this avails you nought...and you look over shoulder at what you have the sum total of it and find a big fat ZERO staring you in the face and don't know what to do to take it all back...there is one option left for you...cry foul, most foul, and hope someone comes to your rescue and cuts you down, and cleans you off and helps you put yourself back together again.

Except everyone has seen what you're made of, and it's too late. Some people should never come out of the bottle...cause they can never put themselves back in again.

-- pancho
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