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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Monday, February 25, 2002 at 11:21PM :

>>Like I said, if a certain religion would stop its very impolite bombing of the followers of another religion...I would be happy to overlook that religion's ill mannered ways. The road is open here for anyone to have someone else removed...all that certain someone has to do is post insults himself to achieve his desired end...which is to have someone he doesn't seem to be able to refrain from insulting, deleted.
>The Western governments are secular, their leaders belong to several religions, and their citizens are multi religion too. It is wrong to single out a certain religion.

+++They may be whatever they want to be...but it remains a fact the United States is a Christian country that allows all sorts of people in. As it is primarily a Christian country...says so on the is fair to take it to task when it behaves not only in un Christians ways, but also in inhumane ways...and especially in un Assyrian ways. There are any number of Jews and Christians living in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, to name a few. Yet I am sure you and your readers have no trouble recognizing them as Muslim countries. I have seen all Arabs and all Muslims lumped under one ugly banner here...a religious banner. If it swings one way, it swings the other.

>In politics there is no religion, there are even several Moslem countries supporting the actions of the western world in their actions. look at the alliance during desert storm, Saudi, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Gulf states, etc. all are Moslem countries and they backed up the attack on Iraq, they even sent their armies to take part in that.

+++Back up a BIT. Which is it then...are you leaving only Christianity out of the guilt cycle, or are they ALL in it...and if they ARE all in it...then it is still the United States that either buys their allegence by supporting puppets...or terrorizes them. During the last three decades millions of people in Latin America were killed by puppets the United States supported and planted. Let's talk real.

Now many Moslem countries still support the sanctions, while there are many Christian countries that do not support it. Don't blame it on Christians alone, because you will look biased.

+++To support and to initiate are two different things. Iraq attacked Kuwait...another Muslim country. The two of them had every right to have a war. The United States had no business going in there. But people and nations can be pressured and constrained to act in ways they may never have chosen. The United States decided to attack Iraq and has been starving children there for 12 years...enough of them Assyrian. How many Assyrians living in the United States would have "initiated" such a policy...yet how many go along in order to get along? You see...people can behave in despicable ways where their narrow self interests are concerned.

+++And another one in the West stands in our way. We may have been carved up in the Mideast years ago, but no one here is bothering us one bit...on the contrary they stand ready to honor and help us. And...had not Christianity divided us into several warring factions, each trying to make HIS version supreme, there wouldn't be the squabbling and petty in fighting that keeps us all barefoot and pregnant...yet the ONLY mention there is of our murder is when a Muslim does it or did it. By all means let's be fair...the next time August the 7th rolls around, let's you mention ALL the murdered Assyrians, not JUST those killed by Muslims...and not JUST those who happen to share your religion...remember, religion doesn't matter...death is SECULAR!

>If it is a religious issue, then it is related to theology, so if you have a problem with the Christian faith, go ahead discuss its theology and tell us what you believe is wrong and what is right. But when you are attacking the actions of a certain Christian you can't blame Christian theology for that. and no way you have the right generalize to include all Christians by stereo typing them under that label of yours.

+++Remember that the next time you talk about what Islam did...or what you will never discuss but feel...what JEWS are like...cause you know what happens to you if you breath a word against Jews...yet are free to slander and fulminate against Muslims.

>If you don't like the Christian religion, discuss its theology and Christian teachings of the New Testament, and keep the personal actions of Christian individuals out of it. On the other hand if you are pissed off the actions of certain individuals, then criticize their actions not their religion because their religion does not tell them to do that.

+++Beg your pardon...but Christianity has been telling its children for 2000 years that JEWS killed the son of God. Would you call that slander? You do what you all say you are real and true Christians...and that the rest are false Christians. Fine, good, great...then tell me how a TRUE Christian justifies paying a false one to do his killing for him...or comes hiding among the false ones for protection?

>How come you are criticizing Christian taxpayers only and not Moslem taxpayers too? Either be even handed, or don't attack anyone.

+++If Muslims were the dominant majority in this country who were attacking us, I would. As it is Christians who are in the overwhelming majority...I take them to task.

And remember that not every Assyrian believes in what you believe, and support whomever you support. In fact many Assyrians disagree with you on major issues.

+++You have said this for over a have aksed people to vote me off...yet they never do, and all these contrary Assyrians never appear. I assume that those who disagree with me do so based on what I say and how strongly I feel it...and that if they felt as strongly as you seem to imply they do...I would have heard about it by now...and if you will reply that they are afraid to do so...I will say back to you that Assyrians were never, and are never, afraid of anyone.

>The problem with your approach is that you can't separate a person's idea or point of view from his personality, and when you attack his ideas it ends up as an attack on him personally.

+++If someone's personality leads them to put a knife to my throat, I take it personally. If someone's personality is such that he or she feels justified in remaining silent while a knife is put to the throat of my childre, then I take it personally...and if someone who says he is Assyrian and deplores the murder of Assyrians enough to indict an entire RELIGION...yet stands idly by while the Homelands, treasures and children of Assyria are starved to death and shot...I take that personally as well. Let them improve their personalities and they'll never hear from me again.

>Here is an example: Let's take Einstein and his theory of relativity. In your approach, if you don't accept or agree with his theory of relativity, you end up by bashing it (even if you don't understand it), then turn into attacking Einstein personally, then escalate it to attack the religion which he belongs to. That is where all hell breaks loose.

+++Not at all. I respect Einstein and especially the religion that gave him, and the other greatest minds of the 20th century to us. I would study his theory. And I will go toe to toe with any of the scholars and experts you have I travelled to Los Angeles to take on that chump, while the rest of you ignored because, as you said...why should you support ME!

You just don't know how to separate issues from personalities and when and where to stop after you presented your ideas.

+++Presenting the idea that it is not a good idea to rape...does mean you have done enough...not if your clothes are still being torn off...obviously the message didn't sink in.

>We are having discussion (not arguments), and in a discussion the winner is not the one who insists to have the last word! It is the one who makes more sense, because on the other side (the viewers) are calm and rational, they will go along with the person who makes more sense, not the one who can hurl the worst insults.

++++That's neither accurate nor fair, and you know it. Like spinsters you all keep getting excited by what you imagine is a man under your beds. You have people unable to mount a vigorous defense because they have been coddled and careful to stay away from any meaningful challenges to their pet notions of what is and isn't "fact". This is what makes them nervous and the ONLY way out is to start in on my that Gassman.

>I have been noticed you writings, you always try to have the last word. In many instances you seem to have been winning the discussion, then someone responds to you, and that is when you post your response which ends up to be a one-post-too-many and it turns the tables around where you lose your edge. My point is that in certain instances there is no need to have the last word, you would be better off if you stop it there and let the viewer come to his conclusion!
>Hanna Hajjar

+++Not if more remains to be said. This exchange hardly covers the entire simply exhausted you and you decided to end it where you did...that is an arbitrary decision on your part...your exhaustion or limitations are not policy...or are they?

-- pancho
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