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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Tuesday, February 26, 2002 at 4:28AM :

You know what this all boils down to? We have leeders who are amateurs, I don't mean just in their abilities, but in their time and energy and focus. To be a leeder among us you have to have a fairly steady job. Grat Leeders have Grat jobs, or own their own businesses. This gives them the spare time and vacation time and the spare change with which to fly here and there for meetings and what not.

What this does is set a standard beyond which no one has the time or energy to go. If you get someone handsome, someone like me, who is a professional Assyrian, by which I mean working for the cause is ALL I do AND, I have to do it at least well enough to make it my primary source of income etc...then I have the time, the incilnation and the NECESSITY of doing the best damn job I can...and I MAKE the time.

If you get too many like me, then you begin to produce not only public monuments, but maybe Dance companies and Theater Groups and writers and playwrites ( how do you spell that word?) and scriptwriters and directors and authors...and then where are the amateurs, the leeders who have to work at other jobs for a living and owe their allegence and all of their time to those will their modest achievements appear to us all then?

And what if we attract funding and have a sort of a Peace Corp that sends young people to help in villages back home and, being young, are willing to live poor and sleep on floors for a couple of years, but who build clinics and farms and schools and contribute so much because they are energetic and unattached and unemployed. What then does a fancy and successful party mean to anyone...a party where the same music and the same dancing and the same dresses and pick up lines are repeated ad nauseum, resulting in another bumper crop of more of the same?

That's why these oldsters hang onto their "power" so fiercely, that's why Jackie and John and Atour tried to stop me because the things I can do, if they stop hanging onto my shoes, are far and above and away from all they've tried to do for the last 1000 years...or so they fear. The poor dears don't want us to see just how feeble their honky tonks are...and to accomplish that they would gut any number of projects that would be fine and grand and get us some real press and give us also something to build upon and attract other people with who are so truned off by these antics they could spit.

-- pancho
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