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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Tuesday, February 26, 2002 at 9:21PM :

In Reply to: gasp! posted by Alli from ? ( on Tuesday, February 26, 2002 at 8:03PM :

The weapons are cast stainless steel and bronze and mahoganey and walnut. I carved the bow and it has at each end a lioness head cast in silver. The arrows have bronze heads and the feathers I plucked myself from a dead Turk. The helmet has a bronze inlay and was VERY hard to lay in there...I know because I couldn't do it...had to get someone else to do it right.

The Assyrians didn't have stainless steel and had they not polished their "iron" every day it would have rusted (they talked like that). I avoided that by casting them in stainless.

There is also a bronze shield I did later but it takes a pick-up truck to carry that thing around. I made them for Helen as a thank you for all she'd risked. John still thinks they paid me for them, but he thinks lots of things.

When I was done with them I hefted them all as a warrior might have done. they fought with all that weight I can't imagine...and to march miles in that heat carrying this stuff...whew, no wonder they kicked ass.

I swear we are all descendents of the ones who ran, or hid behind a door saying, "who me, Assyrian? Nah not me!" The bravest and the finest we had went out to face trouble head on and eventualy got killed for it...probably because some ancient Nimrod or Jackie got them in the back when they weren't looking.

So SUE me already!!!

-- pancho
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