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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Wednesday, February 27, 2002 at 4:00AM :

In Reply to: Re: WHAT??? posted by Alli from ? ( on Tuesday, February 26, 2002 at 9:58PM :

: : +++You would have to be a scholarship, straight "A" student, not to see what you just wrote.

: why do you bash academia? this is a waste of both of our time: it's redundant & obvious - kind of like saying the moon has craters on its surface.

+++Why do you bash the moon!!!

+++It was not a comment about Macademia at was a comment on what a nut job you are. Now don't go getting the vapors alright?

: : +++Think away, by all means...can't do you any harm...or them any good. There is no way around it and I and the rest of us and all of "them" and this entire nayshun and several more and many more and ALL of them, if they could manage it, would do...and do, whatever it takes to get along...and right now that just means getting on with our lives while others kill all these children in our name..HEAVENS, you don't think we would do on purpose do you???

: obviously i try my best. & obviously it'll never be enough or "good" enough.

+++Get OFF your schoolgirl model..I am NOT your friggin professor or Girl Scout leeder. I don't hand out grades...this is life stuff 101...not everyone has to AGREE with you or disagree in agreable ways...toughen up or flunk out.

i knew that when i wrote my reply to you. but hell, i'd rather think about them than the stupid shit they broadcast in the daily soaps or who hates who for whatever reason.

: i only made a REQUEST. if it's not honored, so be it; i'm a big enough girl to leave on my own.

+++What IS it with you? Why are you constantly threatening to NOT go to Sleeping Dog...asking if you offended me or what...what is WRONG with you? Could it all be a front...this "I am Alli hear me fornicate"???

+++Why do you and that other one need so much affirmation and validation...are you parking tickets in HELL or what???

+++I like you are brilliant are a dear and the apple of your parents' eyes OKAY!!! Now can I NOT tell you to stuff it without you hanging your nether lip out and skulking off?

-- pancho
-- signature .

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