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Posted by Gandhi from ( on Wednesday, February 27, 2002 at 7:58AM :

In Reply to: Re: Update re meeting with the Democrats Party posted by Sam.D. from ( on Wednesday, February 27, 2002 at 5:52AM :

: Exactly, Ghandi.
: If our communites would stop bending over and letting the church have their ways with our posteriors, I truly believe we could move mountains. We need a massive shift of mindset in our community to one which would see us adopt and warm to our own business people and artists and help prop eachother up rather than view eachother with green eyes and try and tear down our brothers and sisters as they try and make something of themselves. You gotta hand it to the Jews, it has worked marvellously for them. Same for the Asians. We, on the other hand would rather give our money and business to a 'nakhraya' than see one of our own prosper. It makes me sick.

Hi Sam
It has made me sick long , long Ago!
I know much much and much more than you can stamp them as Exactly ! I Am sure a man in your frame will understand me very well but unfortunatly The Forum is not built on a trust foundation you don't know who is passing through here not that I am afraid of but there are people involved that I still respect them and I don't like them to be a subject for Gassep !
I feel the time has come to wake Assyrian-Caldean people up but not in the puplic this Forum is giving me Chances to get to know right people ,the Inteligent ones , the ones that do believe Church has done nothing for us and will do nothing for another 2000 years !
I have relatives in Australia every once a while I pay a visit to them and specially my Ill sister If she does't see more than six months I am in trouble so may be somehow I will meet you there so we can have some constructive talks !
this fedration bull shits or AUA are just to forefill some fortune hunters egos and their personall gains !
I was asked to help some indivituals in their responsebilities for A convention , when I saw the bill of expenses for the president of the federation and some other loosers that were taging along with them it made me so sick that I confronted with them !
.....even my friends the ones who asked me to help them got disapointed from me they claimed i ashamed them !!!
So is not only the churchs and their illiterate leaders it seems Allmost whole nation is been corupted cause their back bone and fondation has generated from churchs
keep your ideas and faith on future up
it seems you are much younger than me try to wake people up and give lectures to young ones !when you think about it you see it's sad ! once this nation was the Anvil of civilization and now ..... it's sad realy sad

-- Gandhi
-- signature .

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